VH1 Unveils Their Football Wives… And Most Of These Ladies Are Actually Married!!!

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Melani Ismail

Melani Ismail from the cast of Football Wives

Wife of former college and pro football star Rocket Ismail

After meeting on a blind date, Melani and Rocket married four months later and were pregnant with their first child Little Rocket later that year. Fifteen years and four children later, the Ismails are a couple who truly enjoy being one another’s best friend, still behaving like newlyweds. With the youngest of the Ismail children reaching school age, Melani is looking to revitalize her once-promising music career which she had put on hold while raising the family. Rocket retired from the Dallas team at the top of his game, but now is dealing with the effects to his body from a long career in football. Melani is often the voice of reason, and also serves as a touchstone for women looking for advice on what it is like to be married to a pro football player.

Congrats to her! This lady is an OG Football Wife.

Here’s a pic of Rocket Ismail on the cover of an old school issue of SI:

rocket ismail


  • Blacchyna

    They all look fake & washed up.. Except Deon Sanders wife..

  • if anything be noble

    Man, the NFL is a business. What pro player with any kind of sense is going to be ok with his wife acting a fool on tv when it could endanger his professional career? That’s why these folks had to go to the UFL to find this level of uh…. talent. (?????) The show found some folks who needed the money in the UFL because NFL players are NOT that that desperate. We’re talking about players who would rather risk it and get home the best way they can when they’re partying rather than take their team’s free car service because they think the league will count up how much they called the car service, then use it against them during contract negotiations, so why would they let their wives broadcast their stuff all over tv. Business.

  • bx2dadeath

    George Foster is a former NFL player with the Denver Broncos.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Dawn Neufeld & Pilar are the hottest wives IMO. Everyone else looks way too fake & overdone.

  • TeLl iT liKe It Tis

    is it me or does george foster’s wife look like julissa from a different world

  • Sulli

    I’m sure these wives will bring the drama (just like every other VH1 show). I am glad that the women shown are actually STILL married (except for 1). No disrepesct, but each of these women are college grads and appear to be plugged into activities beyond shopping, partying, and complaint about groupies (unlike their Basketball counter parts…no disrespect).

  • I wasn't gone say nuttin, but

    Some of the ladies look like linebacker themselves, justsaying.

  • Amanda

    YAWNNN. I’m bored just looking at these broads.

  • http://u bklynlady

    Half of those wives are shot.

    Whatever happened to Dion’s show? I enjoyed it….and yes…his wife is a total BANGER

    • huh

      everyone keeps talking about her being a ‘banger’ and a ‘natural beauty’. What was so great about Pilar except for her being mixed, with long hair and some implants?


  • BB

    that photo of mcbriar looks so photoshopped like his head got pasted right on sum1 else

  • TheREALdeal

    I actually this this show will be entertaining this only one i thin will bring drama is the 6 foot chubacka looking one.



  • momorie

    UM these females are ugly at least the basketball wives were easy on the eyes

  • "Pretty Ricky" Fontaine

    Chanita….what the hell you got on around your stomach? STOP it! And where the hell is your knee-caps!

  • "Pretty Ricky" Fontaine

    Pilar is still BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • sportstalk23

    The UFL? Bwhahahaha I guess dudes in the NFL saw
    That Basketball WIFE,Baby Mommas, and Jumpoffs and said to their women
    Hell Naw we aint going on that ish and gee this looks like an interesting bunch
    As for Pilar I remember her show with Deon and half the time he had her looking like a maid
    Buzzing around the house on that scooter,always telling Pilar during any conflict
    How this life she has is because of him blah blah blah,now what this show gonna act like she’s some boss lol
    Although most of this lot are actually wives lol

  • Bdot

    Shouldn’t this be called THE DALLAS COWBOYS WIVES??? This is the best they could come up with? And I KNEW Pillar would have her attention-addicted *ss up in there. No thanks.

  • Master Bates

    Most of these wives may have more substance than the basketball wives. Pilar Sanders is a banger. Chinita looks like she will knock u out. That is a big, rawbone female!!

  • http://www.mail4cash.tk PostcardCashSuccess

    I want to see how this goes

  • Jordan

    Some of these women I thought were white are very light light skinned women. Damn the NFL into that brand of female. Deon sanders wife is the business and she looks good. But you could have fooled me with the other women they look white in that picture but are black. Light skinned women getting them cakes.

  • daniel

    @ hurricane venus the bm who’s married to the ww is fat himself. and the wm who’s married to the bw is no looker by any means. i know people say all the time. how and the hell did he get her.

  • http://grind365.com Al

    they’re so so

  • Challenge

    These NBA/NFL players seem like they love women with a strong jaw bone…

  • Blast from the Past

    I know Chanita. This girl is KRAZY…so she should make an interesting reality cast member. Good luck to the other wives with whom she has to intereact. Woah!

  • seyess

    man VH1 is so trashy, and cheap…i bet there offices smell like FISH, LOL

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