Kimmy Cakes Fires Back At Tyrese With Subliminals

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Kim Kardashian La La Vazquez-Anthony

Sorry Tyrese, but you still cannot be La La’s one and only best girlfriend.

Kim Kardashian quietly responded to Tyrese’s little twitter rant on Sunday, by talking to La La first, then addressing her stans off twitter.

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets saying I’m not supportive of Lala because I didn’t tweet about her show, even though I blogged! But I want to let you guys know that I am 100% supportive of my friends, and they know that, but since I have my own show on at the same time on a different network I am contractually obligated to promote that via my Twitter. I can’t tweet about her show, just like she can’t tweet about mine, but we completely support each other. Lala is one of my closest friends, I was a part of her bridal party at her wedding and threw her her bachelorette party, which you will see on her show! I support her in everything she does, both personally and professionally.

Love u La! I guess two best friends having two different shows at the same time is a great problem to have!

Okay, now you three girls hug it out. More pics from La La and Kimmie’s girls’ night below.



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  • Angel

    Ok. And what?

  • SPC

    La La seems to me as if she’s Kim’s shadow. If you look at the paparatzzi snaps, her head is always down because she knows who theyre rhere for…not her. Even in these pics, Kim is in FRONT and stands out SMH. If Kim wasnt there, no one would care about LaLa. These are opinionated facts =/

  • Black Flair

    Whats missing from that pic is me…

    • Grammar School


  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    this doesn’t seem weird to anyone?

  • divAaa

    Who the hell is lala anyway?! Some mtv reject who lucked up and got pregnant by a young bball player, who FINALLY decided to propose… Oh please..

    • dennymore

      i cosign!!!!!
      this chick was some dj from MTV.. lawd there has been sooo many people that came and went as a djs..
      got with some bball player, got knocked up.. and seven years later got some reality show on her getting married..

      like who cares about LaLa.. it so sad that these people that haven’t really done anything… no talent, becoming famous all of a

  • maria

    I agree! I can’t understand why she is going to great length of paragraphs to explain something that a D lister like Tyrese said. No one cares what Tyrese thinks. The wording in this has a lot of contradictions in it. However there must of been an ounce of truth to it and I think this is Kim’s guilty conscience speaking because real women don’t address rumors about what people think. Kim get out of high school and dreamland!

  • poohbear

    I think Lala is scared if she doesnt agree with Kim then Kim wont be her friend anymore and she will be the nobody that she really is because without hubby and kim noone cares about her I dont care about Kim either I think her ,lala , and ciara are more than just friends

  • 100milesperhour


    You took the words right off my keyboard. Lala is leaning on Kim in these pics like a leach while Kim is posing for the camera. Kim will always hang around Lala because she knows it’s easy to outshine her.

  • 100milesperhour

    I meant leech

  • starlite

    I have yet to see a phtograph of Lala with her husband and son, as a family, since they got married. I have seen more pics of Lala and Kim ,which I think is kind of odd. I mean takin’ pics in a photo booth like you’re 16, Come on!!! You’re a married woman now Lala. Act like one. Leave the trash alone and act like a married woman. Or hubby won’t be around for long

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™


    • 100milesperhour


      I don’t think he cares if she hangs with Kim 24/7, that means she won’t be bothering him. IMO-he married her to shut her up because she kept bugging him about it. Melo doing him anyway-she knows, she just wanted the wife status so people won’t think she’s a loser…FAIL

    • Dimediva

      OMG!…I couldn’t have said it better, yeah I believe in having fun and being a lil silly even as an adult, They are both beautiful women, but I was just thinking how childish and stupid they lookrf in those pics

    • dollface


  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    Hi @Starlite.. i posted 2 posts to you and they deleted them…????????????????????????

  • Mrs. Rance

    Pulease. Aren’t these women grownups? Give it a rest already.

  • BreezysBaby

    Lala looks pretty here…

  • yup

    Lala used to hang with Solange a lot before are they still cool? What happened with that friendship?

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