Sextra: My Husband Keeps ‘Jack-Rabbiting’ Me

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Bossip I have a problem with my husband!! We’re not married but we’ve been together for 15 years now so we’re pretty much married in the eyes of the law lol. Anywho, we’re getting a little older he’s 41 and I’m 35 but he’s giving out on me. We used to have sex all the time in all hours of the night, in all rooms in the house. Well for the past 8 months my husband has been jack rabbiting me. He just gets on top of me or behind me and goes really hard really fast gets his rocks off and quits!! He says it’s to good so that’s why he can’t last but I know he having problems keeping it up even though he hasn’t officially admitted to it. But I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life but he doesn’t work out because he thinks he doesn’t have to because he’s thin but I know if he started to he would last a little longer and take his time with me like he used to but somehow that’s my fault he can’t perform because it’s just to good to him? I know he’s not seeing anybody else because he comes home same time every night, he’s just lazy I feel and always laying around. I need him to fix this or I’m going to shut it off. It hurts when he does what he does and it keeps me really sore. How do I remedy this situation?

Happy Friday to you, sis! Thank you for writing in and sharing your story. So you think your man is suffering from erectile dysfunction and has troubles admitting this to you? But what you didn’t mention is if he has any pre-exisiting condition that may cause his impotence. He’s at an age where he should have a thorough check-up anyway, so maybe start with encouraging that. He may have a genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease that could affect his sexual performance, it could be diabetes or hormonal imbalance. If he hasn’t been checked there’s no real way to know. A lot of times we get so caught up in the bodily changes women go through without considering that men go through it too. If he smokes or drinks in excess, then that could be a direct correlation also. So, if he’s got some unhealthy habits, be it recreational or otherwise, you should promote awareness of the potential risks, sexually and, ultimately, in the realm of total wellness. Prescribed medications should be last resort.

Being that you are in the best shape of your life and in your sexual prime, he may have a problem “keeping up” with you. It could be that he feels pressure to perform and that could also get in the way of him taking his time with you. And, it might just be too good for him to last! You’re 35 and from what you’ve described, your body is probably on point, so he might be overwhelmed by it and can’t help but beast on you! Instead of allowing him to “get on top of you” or behind you, why don’t you take the wheel and set the pace, YOU take YOUR time with him. He might be struggling with adjusting to the changes he’s going through! Intimate communication is vital so tell him to let you know when he feels like he’s going to climax and try for some extra foreplay in between or try using condoms for a while to decrease the sensation for him. It can be easily fixed with a little bit of time and patience!

Again, the importance of communication cannot be stressed enough! Tell him that his “jack-rabbiting” is hurting you and, in no way, fulfilling! If the shoe were on the other foot and you were twisting and bending his man part, he would absolutely be vocal about it, don’t just take it . . . say something! The bottom line is this, you have to communicate! Try and get him to lead a more healthy lifestyle and not just for your sex life! If you approach him from an angle of caring about his health and support him living an active, long, healthy life then the sex will, inevitably, get better by default because he is! Be patient, sis! Be patient!

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  • Curveball

    Just because he’s thin doesn’t mean he can’t have problems. High blood pressure, diabetes or some kind of medication can contribute to his not being able to “keep it up”.

    As has been said, it could also be he feels the pressure to perform. You’re in your sexual prime while his “prime” is waning.

    Whatever it is, it may not be about you.

    All in all it sounds like you two need to talk.

    • rturti


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    • DollBaby101

      Sounds like it’s time for YOU to start sexually dominating HIM.

      = )

      I would be like ‘Listen here n-gga… You got somethin I want.. and it’s time to pay up. Now either we can do this the easy way…. or it can be a struggle.’

  • nana

    Extenze?? Viagra???


      y buy the cow when the milk is free? 15yrs my azz! if u like it then u better put a ring on it

  • @1manfasionshow

    He’s 41, thats when brothers lose it. You are 35, in your prime so you ready. my advice, get you a youngin. leggoo

    • hoogivsafuc


  • if anything be noble

    “I have a problem with my husband. We’re not married.” Why do we say stuff like this?


      YES….is he your husband or not?& just becuz he comes home the same time er”night don’t mean he ain’t cheating.

  • samech

    why should he try… ain’t going no where……

    • andreas3g

      That’s messed up! But true . . .

  • Lady A

    Girl do like Kris Jenner off Keeping up with the Kardashians. Put a performance inhancer in his drink. She was wearing Bruce out for a couple of days before they figured it out. Her son Robert took the wrong cup of coffee and it wouldn’ go down. I wouldn’t do it daily but when your in the mood make him a drink and slip one in it!

  • TastesMinty2010

    First of all 15 years and not married…that’s a problem right there too. When he dies you will still be getting “jacked” cause you ain’t getting nothing sister. Being married is more than a piece of paper my dear. He’s getting the goodies and now he has started short-changing you…dag! If it’s good he should wanna please you too and keep that feeling going for as long as he can…I’m just saying.





  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    She better get on cuz he’s just not that into her…

  • 7lady

    Gatdamn it be some ignant mothaf*ckas hiding behind these computers! The sh*t they say be crazy. I would looove to see they faces. Gotta be uglay and on SSI.

    • YeahYeahWhatever


  • 2Sweet: *Bossip's Finest*

    Glad my guy is younger…

    • sexyma078

      Me and you both im 32 with a 21 yo i was married for 11years and faked it for nine…..but this nicca right here…this nicca right here OMG….lol

  • M3@9@N

    After 15 years he said its too good? bytch who u think u foolin? He used to yo walls hoe. He need some new puszy. Married in the eyes of the law bytch yu not even a concubine. What are u? A slack puszy givin broad who man have to think bout that girl wit da phat a*s he saw at walmart.

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators


    • Missy


  • maru-chan

    “… aint married, boo. You just some live in puzzy.”
    Leave it to black folk to keep it too real wit you!

  • Mrs. Fernandez

    That’s NOT your husband and he’s cheating. When he “jack Rabbits” you, it’s because the other woman came to mind and he uses you to get off. Move on, and hope you get a real marriage.

  • Candid Canuck

    one in the pink two in the stink… that’s how ya gotta get down in the 21st century… f–k that monogamy bullish!

    • kk

      …ok slow down just a minute for me please…LOL

      please tell me “exactly” what 1 in pink/2 in the sink mean….

      i am so serious🙂
      i ain’t neva heard that one and i just gotta know🙂
      I love my PEOPLE !!!

  • baytownbeauty

    Uh,I think its time to trade his azz in!! For real tho. NEXT! with his weak azz.

  • bereal

    Make sure to make him an appointment for a FULL CHECK UP. My best male friend had some of the same issues starting around 41 and at 45 was diagnosed with prostate cancer. FELLAS get your check ups.

    I am so glad he did or he might not be with us anymore.

  • ash

    15yrs??? no ring? just think about that for a second… it dont sound right do it? girl please

    • Omugabe

      What’s your ‘ring’ got to do with it? You come off like a business woman, which all real males should avoid like the plague.

      Your ‘ring’ has little or nothing to do with successful relationships.
      If a female must have a ‘ring’ as a priority, then she is too shallow. Such a female is easily ‘ringed’, and is then rolled, if there becomes a problem with the man’s investment in the gold digger.

  • uhh yeah ok

    Gotta agree with the “he’s just not that into you” sentiment…

  • girl x

    my man older than him, and he has NO problem with doing the thing! He might need to hit up the doctor to see what’s going on..

  • Omugabe

    Back in the days, before the criminal invaders disrupted and destroyed African societal structure, and disperse Africans into a state of utter confusion, there were ‘rites of passage’, during which the older females wisely instructed the next generation in the lessons of successful relationships.

    That history needs to be known again.

    Relationship IS NEVER primarily about mating; because when the hormones become quiet, then what? A relationship that is based on sex-addiction, in time, falls apart; and the INNOCENT CHILDREN are made to suffer the consequences of their parents ignorance and misdeeds. Such unfortunate children them grow to be a problem for themselves and for the society, which did not intervene to save them when their parents failed miserably.

    • Mich

      Agree. People need to build real relationships b/f marriage, and wait until after marriage to have sex. Best for them, and for their children. Makes men real men!

  • androidnancy

    She’s 35? She writes like an imbecile. And news flash: despite your being together for 15 years, that man is NOT your husband.

  • Kevin O

    I’m 42, I work out 4 times a week, and ALL my muscles still work. Gotta eat right and exercise, in order for blood to flow properly to the love muscle. My love muscle has Spelman ladies on lock, cuz daddy knows best what those lil boys can’t teach ’em! So, send her my way and you’d have a happy 35 year old tryin’ to walk out of my house in the a.m. I’m an all night jack rabbit.

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Glad u r staying fit BUT

      Ummm… u cant find a woman around ur age?! Y u turning out the lil’ college students?!!!

  • RN from Louisiana

    And if he smokes weed, Black & Milds, or cigarettes, get him to stop! That can cause u to get short of breath with physical activity bcuz of decreased lung function

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