How Precious: Khloe & Lamar’s Celebration Of One Year Swirly Matrimony-dom Photos

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Renew Their Wedding Vows on Their 1st Anniversary-Party

Khloe and Lamar celebrated their first year of marriage and renewed their vows this week, and here are the pics from the ceremony. Make sure you peep the gift and share your thoughts…

(Sidenote: Khloe’s shoe game is on pizzoint)

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Renew Their Wedding Vows on Their 1st Anniversary-Party



  • whatever

    awww they made it one year. Congrats!

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    • PostcardCashSuccess

      In that painting it did not look like Khloe

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  • TastesMinty2010

    Only on tv…Kim and her family better ride this meat train because who knows when the producers will pull the plug. After Adrienne left their brother he is like a relative that is bouncing all over the place living the life with no bills, no responsibility, and mooching off family member.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    Congrats! They really do make a cute couple.

    • Lady A

      I really do love them as a couple. I married my husband after 2 months and it will be 3 yrs in Feb! Love Them!

  • Gina Waters

    Khole looks like beyonce in that painting she looks black lol mite I say she got a lol donk in that dress.. I’m happy khole is happy she was always the sister who didn’t have anyone now she got what Kim and Kourtney both want. Good for them

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I was saying the same thing to myself! She looks like a light skinned black woman in that painting LOL!

  • kia

    Khlomar really make a cute couple. I am glad they are making it. God bless their marriage for many years to come.

  • commonsense

    why is her legs so skinny in the portrait. we all know she’s a thick girl

  • Bunny(formerly Urheiness/Angel)

    Good for them…Wondering how long they’ll last tho & so loooving Khloe’s fashion game here :)

    Them srtilettos & how her body looks are hot! Painting is too cute.

  • ms.kelly

    I love that they used samed colors from their wedding and its funny how they made khloe look latin in that mural

  • Kia

    Khloe looks latin in that pic ’cause he subliminally hates himself for what he did to his bbm. What kind of man wastes 10 years of a woman’s life and leave her for a man?! Where are his kids? Why doesn’t he love them? He’s a horrible person!

    • Z

      What kind of woman wastes 10 years of her life living with some man and having all of his babies without requiring that he give her the benefit of the committment of marriage???????

    • Kelly

      The kind who has a woman that settles for 10 years plain and simple.

    • wisdom2

      @ Z co-sign that.

  • Ms_NYC

    I’m sorry as much as I do wish that the situation was different, I am still convinced that Lamar is playing Khloe. For all we know he probably had a vasectomy and is pretending to want to have more kids.


    No one can get me to be a fan of talentless people who became famous for nothing I don’t care how much the media says how “good looking” they are. I am only a fan of people who are ESTABLISHED via talents or merit.

    This marriage IMHO is as fake as Beyonce and Jay-Z marriage, a business deal to say the least, an arrangement at best.

  • lovie

    That looks like Vanessa and Kobe in that picture. Not very realistic.

  • Khloe fan

    Congrads on the anniversary! I think people hate on khloe because who her family is and what they represent. Khloe is my favorite kardashian she is the realest kardashian of all of them. I think people need to get over what happened with Lamar and his babymother people break up. For people to say he don’t love his kids just because they not in the show or in the pics are rude. I think if they stay humble and trust each other they could go far in their relationship.

  • dclady

    Is anyone else irritated that Lamar can never seem to wear nice clothes? Jeans, sneakers and a white tee is the best you can do for your one year anniversary? I see the blazer, but still.

  • Allie

    Wow… I am surprise they maded it this long…. But I still don’t get why wouldn’t you marry a woman who had three kids for you and, that you was with for ten years and marry someone after a month… Sorry KK he is playing u…

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