Usher Covers VIBE: Is He Still Trashing His Marriage To Tameka?

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Usher Cover

Usher covers the upcoming issue of VIBE Magazinewhere he asserts there is “no competition”. Okay den Ush. Way to play it confident. Inside the pages, Usher doesn’t shy away from letting everyone know his ex-wife made him a miserable human being.

Ush went running his mouth to VIBE in exchange for their October/November cover. Check out the excerpt below:

On how long he was thinking about divorcing Tameka:

“During our disagreements, that’s when I really began to contemplate marriage and if this is someone whom I’m compatible with. Anytime we had a disagreement or an argument, I began to contemplate: Wow, is this really gonna work out? I’m going through hell right now, given the fact that people have an opinion about our relationship. I can’t be unhappy at home and fighting the wars or the opinions outside… ‘You should’ve handled things this way,’ ‘I wish you would’ve said this,’ ‘You’re handling me wrong,’ ‘I don’t like the way I’m feeling about this’—it could be anything, man.”

Going through hell???

Damn Ush… Now everybody definitely knows Tameka’s a crazy beyotch.

Meka’s not the only one getting tossed under the bus, Usher also doesn’t spare his Ma Dukes.

Despite her good call that his marriage to MekMek would be an EPIC FAIL, Usher says he was “very disappointed” that his mother decided not to witness the occasion. The father of two adds that he “wouldn’t do that to my child,” and that “parents should be able to have unconditional love for their children and their decisions, regardless of how they feel.”

Do you think he’s right? Should his mother have supported his decision instead of making it clear how she felt about his ex-wife?

And why is Usher saying all of this now? Is he trying to sell EP’s or magazines?



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