Weezy Goes Solo In The Clink!

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lil wayne handcuffed and taken into custody

Just when things were looking good for Dwayne Carter he gets caught breaking jail house rules!

Lil “Can’t Get Right” Wayne has been placed in “punitive segregation” for a month which is around his November release. It seems the hip-hop mega-star was caught with some musical contraband. Wayne was flipped for stashing a charger and some headphones for a MP3 player.

His punishment for this is 23 hours a day of just himself in a cell! No playtime with the others in the courtyard, no frolicking in the mess hall looking for extra mashed potatoes! The only time he is allowed out is to shower and to take his one phone call for the week. The headphones and charger were found tucked inside an empty potato chips bag in Weezy’s cell, but the MP3 player was found in another inmates cell tucked away somewhere else! Hmmm…where was that joint found?! Hopefully, whatever music he was listening to won’t be as sh*tty as his current album “I Am Not A Human Being!”


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