NJ Legislature Throwing Shade On Facebook Founder’s 100 Milli Donation To Newark City School System

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Damn, these mfers should be happy someone is trying to donate money to help improve the fawked up school system in Brick City:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to Newark schools is raising $100 million worth of questions and doubts in New Jersey’s Legislature. There’s no legal mechanism for the city or the state to accept Zuckerberg’s gift under the terms he’s proposed, insists state Sen. Ronald Rice, a Newark Democrat who sits on the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Schools.

And that could jeopardize the gift, which Zuckerberg gave to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker on the “Oprah” show last month.
Rice, a legislator for 24 years, fears the state could spend the $100 million only to have the Facebook mogul demand a refund if Booker doesn’t get control over Newark schools. “There is still not a lot of clarity on what role is going to be defined, if any at all, for the mayor,” Rice said yesterday. Newark is one of three New Jersey cities where state government has taken over failing public schools. Under New Jersey law, that puts the schools’ operations in the hands of Trenton officials, not local elected officials like Booker.

Despite Zuckerberg’s gift, Christie is not ready to relinquish control of Newark’s schools to Booker. Instead, he’s proposed making Booker his “special assistant” for education. Christie’s staff insists state law is no obstacle.

“This is a governor who can make and drive policy, and he has a partner in Newark to do that with in Mayor Booker,” said spokesman Mike Drewniak.
At a legislative hearing this week, Booker said he would not take a formal role in running Newark schools. Instead, he said, he was looking to lead a “robust community engagement” on the topic, reports said.

But Rice fears that without clear rules to satisfy Zuckerberg about Booker’s role, Zuckerberg could ask for his money back — leaving the state “hung out on a limb,” committed to expensive new school programs it couldn’t afford. “We just want to know that everything is on the up and up, and that we are protected,” Rice said.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that he donated the money to Newark because he respected Cory Booker’s leadership, so New Jersey is gonna have to figure something out where all parties are satisfied. Otherwise, they need to just turn that ish over to Cory…turning down a 100 Million dollar donation doesn’t even sound like an option. SMH.



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