Dirty Dog Diaries: Former Mets Player Roberto Alomar Accused Of Hiding HIV Status From Wife!

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Maria PIlar Rivera accuses husband and retired mlb player Roberto Alomar of risking her health by not disclosing his HIV status

Jesus Take The Wheel! Former Major League Baseball player Roberto Alomar is having his shady ways exposed in yet another lawsuit! His wife says he lied to her about his HIV status to get her to let him beat it up raw doggy. SMH.

Another woman has come forward accusing former baseball great Roberto Alomar of having unprotected sex with her even though he’s HIV-positive — and this time, it’s his wife.

In papers filed in a Florida divorce court, Maria Del Pilar “Maripily” Rivera Alomar, 33, says the former Orioles great and Mets goat “intentionally, with corrupt intent, concealed from [her] his physical condition” in order to get her to have unprotected sex with him.

Alomar, 42, “knew prior to his first sexual contact with [her] that he was HIV-positive,” but not only did he not tell Rivera about his condition, he outright lied to her, assuring her “he had been tested for sexually transmitted diseases and the tests were negative,” the explosive filing says.

The wife’s charges are similar to claims made against Alomar in a lawsuit by a former girlfriend named Ilya Dall last year. Dall claimed Alomar had full-blown AIDS, but had encouraged her to keep having unprotected sex with him.

Alomar’s lawyer called the Dall suit “baseless,” and the case settled last May.

One of his staunchest defenders at the time was then-girlfriend “Maripily” Rivera, a well known sex symbol in Puerto Rico who has been described as the territory’s own Paris Hilton. She went to bat for him publicly, calling Dall’s tale “a vile lie,” and “not true.”

“Prior to the marriage” in 2009, the suit says, Alomar assured the chesty chica “he had been tested for sexually transmitted diseases and the tests were negative.”

At some point after their wedding, she discovered that wasn’t true, the filing says. She “learned from conclusive proof” that he was HIV-positive, the court papers say.

The discovery caused her to “suffer extreme emotional distress, fear and mental anguish,” the filing says.

She has “not contracted the virus to date but uncertainty still exists due to the delay in the onset of the virus.”

Lawyers for the Alomars did not return calls for comment.
Rivera’s filing says she wouldn’t have agreed to “marry him if she had known of his true physical condition.”

In an interview with The Post late last year, Alomar denied having AIDS, saying, “I don’t talk about my personal life, but I don’t have that disease.”

He also said he would not have gotten married if he did. “I would never do that to another person,” he said.

How dirty can you get! Lying to your wife about your HIV status so that you don’t have to strap up? Super Skanky!

Should’ve listened to his ex-girl … you know, the one that he ‘settled with’ for her so called baseless claim.



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