Sorry Bugsy, No Swirl For You: Chelsea Handler Shuts The Rumors Down

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Chelsea Handler Dave Salmoni

Jokes on us. There’s nothing behind the potential trainwreck of swirlyness that we thought was developing between Bugsy and funny girl Chelsea Handler.

Like any other celeb trying to do some rumor control, Chelsea took to twitter yesterday to jump off the 50 Cent merry-go-round she’s been on for the last week.

Chelsea Handler twitter

She tried to give us a hint on Monday, when she tweeted the picture above with this message:

Chelsea Handler on Twitter

That’s right! Chelsea has a boyfriend: Dave Salmoni from Animal Planet. We forgot. Guess we were only paying attention to Chelsea’s name when small change’s name is attached.

So Dave probably made her shut down the chatter. And with good reason. He, like us, is probably sure its only a matter of time before a rapper chops Chelsea down. We’ve all seen the way she flirts with Hip-Hop artists on air. Even Fat Joe could have leaned her back.


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