Guess The Droopy Dookie Drawled Jeans

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Chris Brown seen leaving his hotel in New York City

This ISHT is not cute. Someone was spotted in NYC desperately needing to pull his motherfuggin pants up!! This isn’t the first time he’s been seen like this…can you guess who?

Chris Brown seen leaving his hotel in New York City

Breezy really needs to cut that ish out…for real. He was also spotted singing Kanye’s douchebag song as well:

Chris Brown performed his buddy Kanye West’s self-loathing “Runaway” at Chelsea club Marquee for the 10th anniversary party for BET’s show “106th and Park.” In a nod to his own despicable behavior, Brown — who beat then-girlfriend Rihanna before the 2009 Grammys — sang lines from the song: “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags/Let’s have a toast for the [bleep]holes!” to a crowd including Trey Songz, Bow Woww and Ja Rule.

A photo gallery of two of his former bust-downs below:

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  • lala

    I hate a man who wears his pants like that. That’s not a cute look, and guys seem to think it is. It’s not! What’s wrong with wearing clothes that fit! I guess that’s considered not cool, and why even wear a belt with your pants like that? Wear pants that fit and shirts that don’t hang all the way to your damn knees. I’m just sayin.

  • DJ's Mom

    I hate to see sagging pants on any male. What’s sad is that males continue to wear their pants in this manner fully aware of the history of sagging pants (i.e., prison/available for some action in prison).

  • sunflower

    Saggin pants=gay. Chris is advertising

  • sunflower

    Sagging pants=gay. Chris is advertising
    The only good thing about sagging pants is the fact that it immediately tells you how to identify losers :)

  • Sugar

    Wow I guessed right

  • purple love

    Damn I guessed soulja boy smh

  • J rob

    Ever wonder where all the Black Men are,some want to remain little Boys. One day cris and all the others will leave the High school look in High school.

  • Asiaan doll

    Smheaad , Leaave Chirs Alonee , saagging pants dosent equaal Gay , its a trend among Young People These Days .

    • stupid is as stupid....

      bish! sthu!! what the h@ll do you know? lol!! seriously, not a damn thing!!! you have no clue what that means dumb azz

  • Asiaan doll

    Smheaad , Leaave Chirs Alonee , saagging pants dosent equaal Gay , its a trend .

  • babyboo

    Here we go people the other day it was Rihanna now it’s Chris. What is going on with this blog? There is way to much hate for Rihanna and Chris and it’s now getting worse comming from these blogs. This look Chris have is trend. He probably where it around his homies. We all seen Chris dress as well as Rihanna.

  • aries79

    Nice outfitt but  he need to pull his pants up, and
    Rihanna has 896 stories on here already 
    so why is she on this douchebag page
    and sandra rose already posted this

  • herudagod

    I love that hoodie. I got to find it!

  • ElectricRelax

    That boy doesnt know how to dress at alllll. He needs to get a stylist or fire his stylist. Every time i see him he looks like a 17 year old.

  • Terri

    I can’t stand seeing a man’s underwear. Pull your damn pants up.

  • bagladey

    I thought Breezy was becoming a man but those stupid pants prove that he’s still childish.

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