Jesus Take The Wheel: Pitbulls Attack Pregnant Woman In Florida

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Dee Dee Olizia pregnant victim of pitbull attack

This is crazy, people can’t even walk around safely in their own neighborhoods because some irresponsible pet owners don’t keep their dangerous dogs locked up!

Dee Dee Olizia was going for her usual morning stroll around the block on Moore Street Saturday morning, when she ran into double trouble. “I was walking by myself and I saw two dogs wander down the street. I was afraid, I’m afraid of dogs and I don’t like dogs. The way I saw them coming I knew they was going to attack me,” DeeDee said.

Moments later both pitbulls lunged at DeeDee who is about 8 months pregnant. “They jumped on me.” DeeDee screamed as loud as she could. Neighbors like Kim Kline ran to help, “I got my baseball bat in my car in the back seat and I sprinted on fast as I could for a full block.”

By the time Kline and others got there it was too late. “One of her legs had gouges in it. One of the dogs had grabbed a hold of her and was ripping skin off of her and the gouges must have been 3″ long and 3″ wide,” Kline said.

DeeDee laid on the ground. “They asked me if I was ok I told them no and they called the ambulance for me.”

DeeDee says she knows who owns the dogs. “They were lying, they said that’s not their dog.”

Animal control impounded the dogs and left a notice for the owner on a telephone pole. “If they don’t claim the dog I hope they put them to sleep.”

As DeeDee went through a very traumatizing experience, she was most worried about her little girl to be. “They said the baby’s ok,” DeeDee said.

Animal Control says the pitbulls have been quarantined. The owner faces a $1,000 fine if he or she comes forward.

With that kind of fine, do you think the people who own the dogs are coming forward?

SMH. This is just horrible — this young woman is now at risk of infection and who knows what else thanks to her neighbor’s irresponsibility. At the same time, she should consider herself lucky. We’ve seen other victims of dog attacks get ripped up a lot worse!

Do you think pitbulls are too dangerous to adopt as pets? Or is it more likely that some people are just training the dogs to do all the wrong things?



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