With T.O. and OchoCinco Getting All The Bengals Shine, Pacman Jones Is Back To The Dumb Sh*t

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Pacma Jones Cowboys Bengals

Here’s a dummy we haven’t heard about in a few months.

Maybe it’s the fact that athletes behaving badly are becoming more accepted. Or maybe Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones just feels left out of the drama now that he’s playing on the same team as VH1 Celebreality stars, and talk show co-hosts, Terrell Owens and Ochocinco. But Pacman Jones is back in the news for yet another act of stupidity… except this time, TMZ reports one-time was just as dumb as him.

According to the report, Jones was driving his silver Jaguar near Great American Ball Park when he “swerved to avoid striking another vehicle and ran on to the sidewalk.”

Cops say Jones’ car caused a pedestrian to fall down … but the person wasn’t hurt.

Officers claim they ran a routine check on Jones … and a dispatcher indicated there was “some type of open warrant.”

Cops say it was noisy when they were speaking to the dispatcher and “did not hear the dispatcher correct herself and state that the outstanding warrant was for another person.”

Cops say they released Jones two blocks away from the scene to “avoid onlookers and embarrassment.”

See Adam: if you weren’t such a notorious knucklehead, this probably would have gone down a little differently.

And if the story wasn’t hilarious enough, the arresting officers said Pacman was combative and belligerent when they arrested him. Wouldn’t you be too? And how come Cincinnati one-time wasn’t worried about ‘onlookers and embarrassment’ when it came time to put the handcuffs on?


  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    Has anybody explained to this dumb muh fugguh that when he has FINALLY effed up the NFL thing, his future is unloading trucks overnight at WalMart?

    Ignorant muh fuggin’ nee-groes always trying to CONFIRM THE STEREOTYPE !!!


      Techinically, he is a college educated man

      just sayin

    • Human Racist

      Well, he will be a lead Wal-mart truck unloader…

    • I_saw_this_one_coming

      “After his junior year, Jones opted to forgo his senior year and declare eligible for the NFL Draft”

  • Truth

    The Cincinnati Police Department wrongfully arrested this brother, apologized and released him 2 blocks down the road- and you’re calling Adam Jones dumb?!? What did he do wrong? Why aren’t you berating the Police? Research the Cincinnati police an their history of incidents with the Black residents of that city. Again, they wrongfully arrested this Brother, yet the report is Adam Jones is “stupid”. Unbelieveable. Be truthful and out the racist police, don’t sensationalize the story because it’s Pacman.

    • LEB

      @Truth I agree! I live in Cincy and the Cincinnati Police are a embarrasment and disgrace to the City!

  • Kickapoo

    I would like to see all of you who are bad-mouthing Adam jones on this one to be strait on the facts. I ll admit. In the past he has been a clown but on this one he needs to be lauded for his behavior. There was no beligerence listed in the police report and according to witnesses might have avoided serious injury because of the defensive maneuver like to see your faces on your judgement day hippocrites

  • Pisces82

    Pacman Jones may be a dummy with money, but he didn’t do anything wrong to yield an arrest. The dispatcher mistakely told cops he had an open warrant, which prompted them to wrongly arrest him.

  • deesac

    You would think ppl would listen to the fact that it was a false arrest and they let him go down the block. Only thing they here is that he got arrest, blk folks I tell you. WHEN WILL WE LEARN TO STOP LOOKING DOWN ON EACH OTHER.

  • Jay

    I am also confused as to why he is “dumb” he swerved to avoid hitting a car and hits the curb. Everything after that isn’t his fault, I mean if someone is dumb for causing an accident then we are going to have a lot more people getting 15 more minutes of fame on here. I think the site is just using this as another reason to talk badly about him and fill white space on the site.

  • angie

    The police making a mistake is not a reflection of his character on this incident. Why does he have to be a dumba** on this particular situation.

  • if anything be noble

    We believe it because we eat the stuff the media daily feeds us that Black athletes are dumb, Black ministers are crooks, Black entertainers are broke, Black professionals are incompetent, Black politicians are pimps and Black people are criminal, lazy and the worst parents ever.

  • Willie Lump Lump

    Man if I had that paper I would drive nothing… straight car service.

    Jeffery… to Popeyes!

  • Txhustla15

    Truth cosign all day… Whatever clowns that basically lifted this from TMZ who reported this days ago really forgot is that Cincy police are notorious and Pac was for once unduly detained and fits the usual DWB profile in that city…

  • Big Keith

    The stupid baffon monkey nutts should’ve pressed charges and sued for damages.

  • brivvy

    Still waiting to see what he did wrong… he avoided hitting a car, and was wrongfully arrested.

    Could happen to anyone of us.

  • Honeydip513

    considering humans are the only creation from god that can speak its disappointing to see the lack of respect for the power of your words you chose to use to damage a persons character,the world will be a better place when you start with yourself!

  • Honeydip513

    As an African American gossip media site you should focus more on uplifting or black men instead of feeding into the black magic of gossip, the past is the past and he only has to live to up to his own expectations, respect him as a man and a great father if nothing else!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    This man has the WORST luck!

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