With T.O. and OchoCinco Getting All The Bengals Shine, Pacman Jones Is Back To The Dumb Sh*t

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Pacma Jones Cowboys Bengals

Here’s a dummy we haven’t heard about in a few months.

Maybe it’s the fact that athletes behaving badly are becoming more accepted. Or maybe Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones just feels left out of the drama now that he’s playing on the same team as VH1 Celebreality stars, and talk show co-hosts, Terrell Owens and Ochocinco. But Pacman Jones is back in the news for yet another act of stupidity… except this time, TMZ reports one-time was just as dumb as him.

According to the report, Jones was driving his silver Jaguar near Great American Ball Park when he “swerved to avoid striking another vehicle and ran on to the sidewalk.”

Cops say Jones’ car caused a pedestrian to fall down … but the person wasn’t hurt.

Officers claim they ran a routine check on Jones … and a dispatcher indicated there was “some type of open warrant.”

Cops say it was noisy when they were speaking to the dispatcher and “did not hear the dispatcher correct herself and state that the outstanding warrant was for another person.”

Cops say they released Jones two blocks away from the scene to “avoid onlookers and embarrassment.”

See Adam: if you weren’t such a notorious knucklehead, this probably would have gone down a little differently.

And if the story wasn’t hilarious enough, the arresting officers said Pacman was combative and belligerent when they arrested him. Wouldn’t you be too? And how come Cincinnati one-time wasn’t worried about ‘onlookers and embarrassment’ when it came time to put the handcuffs on?


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