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Wesley Snipes and his wife hit up the premiere of the new Spike Lee joint “Miracle at St. Anna” last night in NYC. Peep Blade trying to spice things up with the white suit swag.

More images including Patrick Ewing’s son and Derek Luke and his knocked up wife below:

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Chris Rock Outside of David Letterman:

John Legend at some party in London:

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  • Creole Baby On Top of the World Baby - On Top of the Weeerrrlllddd


  • CooLKids

    3rd get me!

  • WyzePro - I got that skunk that's oderless!!

    dayum…are sistas going out of style?….the way it looks it’s as if brothas have completely stopped dating their own when they get a little status….sad shame cause none of the women they are dating look like their moms….I’m going to stick with the sistas and there are plenty of fine ones out here…dont worry black women…we dont all like our steak rare!!

  • Juicy R

    Micheal Ealy is my hubby.LOL

  • WyzePro - " I write Checks! "

    sorry I had to get that off my chest….I cant remember the last time I saw two black people ( couple )together that werent ghetto….

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    This is post where black women get all upset, and then when a Halle Berry post pops up they get happy.

    Don’t make no sense

  • thickems

    his blac a$$ should not be in a white suite !

  • 2cute4u♥♥♥

    Hey Wyze!!!!!!

    This nicca looks like a powder donut with the tip dipped in dark black ass chocolate!!

    Kerry Washington looks pretty!

  • kahmmillion

    When is Westley going to jail?

  • GirlfriendL

    one swirl a day minumum… where we like BLACK LOVE

  • kahmmillion

    SMH-I guess these brothers think that their “fine ass” white women would be with them if they didn’t have any money, right!

  • Exxon

    Snipes can date anyone he wants.

  • Nita

    Why doesn’t this have a ‘Swirl’ tag attached? It’s not like ‘interracial’ only refers to ‘white+anything’. Consistency, people.

  • DCsFinest

    LMAO @ 2cute4u

    Good morning all!

  • WyzePro - " I write Checks! "

    2cute4u…hey sexi!

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