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Gucci Mane Master P

Gucci Mane Links Up With Master P For Movie Deal (GO)

Marilyn Manson Sends Danny McBride Crazy Emails (GO)

Men In Black 3 Production Stops After Will Smith Allegedly Clashes With Director (GO)

What Bruno Mars Would Do With A Billion Dollars (GO)

50 Cent Inks A 10 Movie $200-Million Dollar Deal! (GO)

Paris And Nicky Hilton Come Out To Support ‘The Real Housewives Beverly Hills’ (GO)

Jay Z Encourages Fans To Vote In New Ad Campaign (GO)

Pitbull – Bon Bon (Official Video) (GO)



    luv men un black and

  • Puh-lease People

    Please party people get on out there and vote; it’s your future; the other side is spending untold billions of dollars to hijack your future, just the Ronald Reagan hijacked our future in the ’80s. The only thing that trumps a buck in America is your vote. So exercise your right, indeed it’s your obligation to secure your own future. VOTE IN THE MID-TERM ELECTIONS . . . DON’T LEAVE MR. OBAMA OUT THERE LIKE THAT AFTER YOU MADE SUCH A BIG THING ABOUT PUTTING HIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE; VOTE SO THAT HE CAN DO THE THINGS HE PROMISED HE WOULD DO. Your vote will count far more than Jay Z’s billions . . . that’s some real talk . . . vote . . . if you don’t take care of your own future, then who will; I know Mr. Obama’s haters’ wont and they are silently spending billions to unseat the man; Your vote is much more valuable.

    No matter what the doubters say, 8 years cannot be divided by 18 months . . . they are stirring up acrimony, just hoping you sit this one out . . . DO YOUR THING FOR AMERICA . . .LET’S FINISH THE CHANGE WE VOTED FOR IN 2008 . .. PLEASE PARTY PEOPLE!!!

  • juicyjessica

    I’m happy for Gucci Mane, all he needs now is some speech lessons…


    P is one of the smartest Black Business Men out there. He dance to his own tune, and made that money without begging the “Man,” Put all of his family members on point…. He Worked with Snoop to get him back in the game on the business side. No selfishness, willing to mentor his people to keep them on top….Handle ya business P…

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