Some Afternoon Cakes Chad OchoCinco Likes Chopping Down

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Reality “star” and cakes model Ophilia aka “Just Right” has graduated from “For The Love Of Ray J 2” reject and Trey Songz sidepiece to NFL jumpie for Chad OchoCinco so we figured we’d share some recent shots of her with you.


What could he possibly see in this chick???

Lots more shots when you continue…


  • lani3000

    Sheeeeeeit! I see various things al—-ready!!

  • Socrates

    She got some crusty a** feet to be calling herself a vixen. Someone get her some cocao butter fast!!

    • Socrates


    • thebeast1123

      WTF???? What real n!gg@ cares about a chick’s feet? I bet your lame @$$, is one of them damn Longfellow’s!!!!

  • Coppertone Girl

    LOL about the feet I noticed that too! Well after I got past the arse lol I was wondering why he doesn’t buy her some Loubs.. chick is wearing pumps from the Korean hair store.
    all cattiness aside she is a very very pretty girl. GO CINCO!


    If Ocho like it I love it!!! He just as used up as she probably is so to each his very own!

  • F*CKU

    Chick looks great, but her body would be so gorgeous without those trashy tattoos…

    • jentan1974




  • jdmann

    Too many tats but her azz more than makes up for it. On a scale of 1-10 she would get 7 inches maybe 8.

  • best toronto dentist

    No doubt I’d hit that. Wife that on the other hand, no way. I can’t hate on Ocho.

  • chase

    doesnt she have like 5 kids its a shame that these women are mothers and they are raising the next generation

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      How do you know she has five kids just askin was she on chad’s show?

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    She is cute, but Im tired of seeing her as,s!

  • Angel

    She had to have some work done. She didn’t look anything like this on For The Love of Ray J. Then if I remember correctly…she did say she had like 5 kids. Her and Miss Berry were the oldest ones on the show. On the show she seemed dense and boring. That’s why Ray J supposedly let her go. I see she entered the jump off category though. She must have livened up some. She definitely looks different. She had to have some work done.

  • chevy86

    i think she is a very beautiful woman, but i don’t understand why we as african american women feel as though we have to exploit our bodies in this manner. just because we have eye candy bodies doesn’t mean any and everybody should be priviledge to see

  • Monica

    Its not just African American women. Its American women period. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, LaLohan, Dollicia Bryant, Superhead- these are women of all races.

    • chevy1986

      i do agree. after posting that remark i then realized that it’s not just afrian american women it’s women in general.

    • London Girl


      I totally agree with your ‘revised’ comment. Yes it is all women, and yes it is unfortunate.

      But as Black women ourselves, how these Black females present themselves effect us even more :-(

  • Lol!

    Tweety Bird does not belong in cake shots!! Lol!!

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