Willis McGahee Defends His RHOA Boo Kandi And Discusses His Dirty D*ck Past

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Sometimes, the best comment is no comment. At all.

Kandi Burruss‘s not-so-new running back boo evidently felt some type of way about the reports of his too-close-for-comfort living arrangements with one of his many baby mamas and the other many reasons why he might not be the right guy for her.

Willis McGahee recently did what amounts to a “fawk all you haters” interview dispelling the rumors that started to pop up after he appeared on last week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta premier. Except in some cases, we think he may have done more harm than good.

On being taken by surprise by the public scrutiny:

I’m from Miami so I’ve been through this. I’ve been hated on by girls, and dudes hating on me because of the girls. It’s been like this all of my life. I think I was made for this for some strange reason.

On his dating past:

McGahee confessed that when he first got his NFL contract in 2003, he went through a period of being a “stereotypical athlete” and entertained his fair share of women.

“I was younger back then, and I had fun. I can’t deny that, and everybody knows that,” he admitted.

On his private football squad in the making:

Though some blogs have claimed the Miami native has as many seven kids, McGahee said those reports are all bogus.

“I have a nice handful,” he laughed. “But it’s way under seven. It’s nowhere near seven!”

McGahee is apparently the father of five children – the first three were born over a span of two years, shortly after he was drafted in the NFL by the Buffalo Bills.

Boo boo? Five isn’t really that far off from seven.

“I was just involved with each of my children’s mothers for so long. Each one was over two or three years. I just had a nice rotation, however that is over now, and I don’t get down like that anymore,” he explained.

The football star disclosed that because of his past reputation, women – some he’s never met – accuse him of fathering children on an annual basis.

“I get planted with a baby every year. I’ve been accused of having kids that aren’t mine,” he laughed.

And this makes you different from every other hoeing athlete how?

On Kandi’s homewrecking rep:

“I don’t live with my baby’s mother. I don’t have any baby in Maryland. I’ve been staying by myself for the three years that I’ve been here,” he clarified.

“Kandi didn’t come in and wreck any home,” he continued. “I didn’t have a baby mama staying with me when I met her. I’m not married, engaged or anything like that. It’s just a shame that people are accusing her of doing things like that. Now they’re trying to throw me in it, and put my kids into it. I’ve seen on the Internet that they even have my child’s mother on there. That is just uncalled for.”

Ooh! Was that a BOSSIP sneak-diss?



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