Who Looked More Bangin??? Kerry Washington Vs. LaLa Vazquez

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kerry washington lala vazquez

Kerry Washington and LaLa Vazquez were both out in NYC last night looking quite lovely…Kerry hit up the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards and LaLa was at the ESPN The Magazine The Body Issue Party.

You know we gotta ask, Who Looked More Bangin????

Check out more photos from both shindigs on the next page….



    I love LaLa I think she is beautiful, but they both look GREAT!!!

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      I think it is a tie too.

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  • nana

    Lala hands down!

    • Got Jokes

      Only b/c lala is rockin that dress mighty mighty, and kerry, sorry that just aint it!

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  • http://www.rubikscube.posterous.com enigma

    they both ugly as hell anyway, so what’s the difference?! ;)

    • krissy


  • tt

    they both look great. only Lala is not that pretty in the face. she looks like Fraggle rock LOL

    • Trublu

      “Dance your cares away “CLAP CLAP” worries for another dayyyy let the music play…”CLAP CLAP” down at fraggle rock.. Ok that just really told are age.. :)

    • Trublu

      typo.. Our/are lol!

  • Amber (@acm105)

    They both look great

  • Mrs. Rance

    That’s a tough one. They both look ridiculously fabulous and are gorgeous. I’d say its a tie.

  • DVE

    Kerry takes it between the photos, but Lala is the real banger.

  • hello

    Kerry is my dream girl.

  • hottie

    Lala look like gonzo from sesame street LOL

  • !!!!!


  • DollBaby101

    Keri is prettier, but LaLa has waaaaaay more swag.

    I like susta girls… I would chose Keri if she actually shared her susta girl side, because we aaaall have one *side eye* but she NEVER EVER EVER DOES!!!

    That’s Bullsh-t, Keri.

    So LaLa, you win.

  • lil sexy

    keri wins but i like lala dress too.

  • Allie

    I love lala’s dress, so gorgeous so i’d have to go with her, kerry comes in with a close 2nd though

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