Twitter Files: ‘Melanie’ and ‘Malik’ Share Candids From The New Season Of “The Game”

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Pooch Hall Tia Mowry The Game Season Four BET

Season four of “The Game” is 90 days away! Don’t act like you haven’t been counting down

For those of you who wrote; tweeted; picketed outside of the WB CW until they systematically got rid of all the colored folks; and finally helped the show land a home at BET, the cast and crew are doing their best to help you make it through the next three months.

Updates from the show’s new set in Atlanta have been coming from the show’s official Twitter page (@BETTheGame) along with @TiaMowry and @HoseaChanchez holding it down for Melanie and Malik fans all over the world.

And we’re talking everything from co-star love:

Tia Mowry Stacey Dash Twitter The Game

to praise for the new bosses:

Hosea Chanchez Bet The Game Twitter

To Tia’s shoe envy:

Tia Mowry Twitter The Game BET

Melanie BET The Game shoes

and Hosea’s gripes about his job:

Hosea Chanchez BET The Game Twitter
Hosea Chanchez Megan Good The Game BET Season 4

Continue for more tweets and exclusive shots from the set of The Game.


  • Truth

    finally BET does something right. There programming lately has really been garbage. Did anyone see the HipHop Awards? lol

  • Willie Lump Lump

    Oh great chitlin circuit tv with a BET budget.

    • DollBaby101

      This n-gga know he had chitlens before and liked em at least once. Fronter!!

  • Willie Lump Lump

    I see they couldn’t find a black steady cam operator.

  • prettydew

    Are MG & HC sitting on a toilet??

  • Nlle

    YES!!! I can’t love the show.

  • Nlle

    I mean can’t wait..LOL

  • Chi-lanta

    I am looking forward to the new season! I cannot wait to see Pooch Hall fine, sexy self! (sidenote: those shoes are too cute but those toes are jacked up)!!!!!

  • Chi-lanta

    I am looking forward to the new season of The Game! I really can’t wait to see Pooch Hall, with his fine, sexy self! (sidenote: cute shoes, ugly, jacked up toes. People with toes like that should refuse to wear open-toed shoes)!!!!

  • purple love

    yesss! cant wait glad mel got long hair again didnt like the short

  • Chi-lanta

    Pooch Hall is one of the finest, sexiest men alive!!! Tia looks gorgeous! (sidenote: cute shoes, ugly, crusty looking feet! Some people should not wear open-toed shoes)!!!

  • NDBfab

    I just want to say…YYAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!




  • Nikki88

    cant wait for the show to start back up.

  • Madame X

    Got dammit, it’s about time. Me and my sister been waitin!

  • misstee

    Yayyy…Im too syked for “The Game” to return! The last season finale left us with sooo many unanswered questions, so Im very anxious to see how the story will pick back up! I follow most of the cast on Twitter and they say that the same writers, producers, and cast are all the same. That’s a plus because I was worried about that, but since its all the same peeps from the original show, it should be super good! I bet BET’s ratings are going to go through the roof on January 11, 2011!!! Soooo happy they picked up the show!

  • sexC

    Now Thatz Whatz Up!!cant wait till 01/11/2011. i own seasons1-3 on dvd this show is the s**t good. BET i luv u.

  • Miko

    Where’s Tasha Mack? I miss The Game! Let’s get it!!!!!!!!



  • fabwtalk

    Finally!!! 1/11/11 is the day. Can’t freakin wait. I love this show and I am still going with what I believe. Janay’s baby is not Derwin’s damn it. LOL!

  • leah

    Thank u jesus, i love this show and i’m happy they found a home at BET. I’m tired of those damn re-runs so i’m counting down to the new season

  • texas-rose

    O M G!! i just got chills looking at the picture!! i cant fu*king WAIT!!!🙂

  • Maureen

    Super excited about The Game fianlly coming back!! Not so excited about Megan Good though…😉

  • bowny

    im from London and im hooked ever since i saw the show on holiday while in America.. I have wacthed every singe episode online because they dont show it here.. cant wait for it to be back on!! I love tasha mack she makes me laugh till im crying!! yyyyyaaaaayyyyy Bring On the Game mate!!

  • KIM


  • @devotee86

    Omggg…I can’t wait either y’all…..I hated Janay…I don’t think the baby is his either…well I hope it’s not…and Jason n Kelly better get it together..with his cheap azz…Malik….lol@girl Melanie

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