Slim Thugg Vs. Kat Stacks: “My D*ck Won’t Get Hard For B*tches Who Look Like You”

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Slim Thugg and Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks in all her hoe glory is at it again. This time on the prowl for rapper Slim Thugg who says during a twitter rant “My d*ck dnt work for b**ches who look like u.” Stacks tries to save what face she has left by saying “AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU STILL FAT & YOUR CAREER IS OVER GO APPLY TO BE A GAS STATION JANITOR @SLIMTHUGGA.”

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  • LuVn_LiFe

    Sure”thats what all these Idiots do talk crap about her then get caught with ther schlongs hard and pants on the ground

  • jdmann

    Yeah you wouldn’t hit it with George Bush’s dyck huh…we know Slim…we know.

  • johnny ringo

    Thug was probably licking the computer screen when Kat Stacks bust it open…follow me Kat Stacks@morris_day

  • wisdom2


    reread it and see if you noticed that too.

  • tommykimon

    She’s not black so he would do her stop lying.

  • http://TLBaby I gets down like that

    @wisdom2: ha ha, yeah I noticed….very clever, LOL

    But dang Slimmy Thug looking kinda right in thaat pic. Dang too bad he comes off as an azzwipe sometimes & not really into sista’s anymore. At least from what I read. Oh well….Life continues

  • loc

    Slim thug know he lyin.. his d_ck gets hard for any p_ssy that’s not black.

  • M3@9@N

    I follow kat so i saw this already. They was koo just a week ago.

  • you idiot

    Her father is black trinidadian and her mother is venezuelan you idiot.

  • Shananigans

    why do these rappers keep talking to her! dont acknowledge her at all

  • aya sonjohn

    LOL, so he must get hard for dudes then!

  • A Mess

    @yoko, lmao, lol that’s so true what you said. She does remind Me of a cartoon character.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    She looks weird as buck and I can understand Slim not getting up to her…Ha Ha she look like a possum

  • VA Lovah

    Stop reporting about this stupid hoe.

  • caper

    please y’all just keep your hands off her. for those who want to corner this girl and put a beat-down on her just just don’t do it. consider the source please.




  • Shayy

    smfh he needs tuh shut duh fukk uhp kus i bet ihf she layed duh pussy on him niqqa wudnt refuse .. kus niqqas kant refuse duh power of duh pussy lmaoo i dnt think wut she do is rite buht hey ihf duh b!tch wannuh dO all lat den let ha so every1 tlkin bout ha i mean wut 4 ..yall aint duh 1 bein uh hoe or bein uh hoe in public den y does iht bother yall??

  • White Women Rule

    You know darling, I was told long ago by a dear friend that black men who intentionally stay away from black women are twice as likely to indulge in homosexual activities. Something about black women sensing the weakness in them….I don’t know dear the conversation was so long ago.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    She say she gone be in texas?Lol,What does she do for a living besides trick or treat?

  • Human Racist

    wow! who are these people!? I’ve seen the name and in her case it always involves some bull. what does she do and if she handed me a business card what would it say?! by my best guess-timation she appears to be a form of hood PR for homosexual rappers, but if i’m mistaken pls let me know.

  • CooCooKitty


  • wmariah

    Slim never mind how she looks. Your concern should be how dirty this hoe is and what she can transmit to you and any future lover you may have after f..cking this hoe. Frightening dude..for real

  • DenialRiver

    that’s because slim thug gets hard for men only

  • khiosha

    I know rite. She looks hella funny. not attractive in anyway to me… probably really a Dude … cuz they’re definetly ALL Queer

  • Bianca


  • Bianca

    I might (and even the highly doubtful) have believed him if he said he does ‘rise’ to a woman who ACTS like her, but looks like her, sorry dude, you lie.

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