Dirty Dog Diaries: Morgan Freeman’s Ex-Wife Gets $400 Mil And Is Still Going In For The Kill!!!

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Morgan Freeman and ex-wife Myrna Colley-Lee

Somebody should have told Morgan Freeman that CHEATERS never prosper! But it looks like he’s finding out the hard way. The actor, whose divorce from wife Myrna Colley-Lee was finalized last month, reportedly has to fork over some $400 million in cash and real estate in his divorce settlement. OUCH that’s gotta hurt!

But what could be potentially even more damaging is the tell-all book that his ex is planning to pen, detailing his MANY affairs!

Not only was the 73-year-old star ordered to fork over some $400 million in cash and real estate to his angry ex-wife Myrna, sources say he’ll soon be the subject of a scathing tell-all book in which she’ll detail his cheating.

In July 2008, The ENQUIRER exclusively reported that Myrna, 69, had discovered Morgan was having an affair with former schoolteacher Mary Joyce Hays.

Soon afterward, the veteran actor’s attorney confirmed he was splitting from Myrna, whom he married in 1984.

Last year, the scandal further exploded when we revealed that Morgan had also been carrying on a decade-long relationship with his step-granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, then 27.

E’Dena is the granddaughter of Morgan’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. Making the affair with E’Dena even more scandalous is the fact that Morgan and Myrna had raised her as their own child.

Morgan’s divorce from Myrna was finalized in Mississippi on Sept. 15, although the details were sealed from the public by a Tallahatchie County judge.

It was originally speculated that Myrna would receive a $170 million settlement, but the source says she got much more – a whopping $400 million. That would be the fifth-largest divorce payout EVER!

Morgan – who won an Oscar for Million Dollar Baby and Oscar nominations for The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy and Street Smart – is the seventh-highest grossing actor of all time. His movies have brought in an estimated $2.79 billion worldwide.

According to the source, under the terms of the settlement, Morgan will keep his two planes. He and Myrna will continue to share the farm they own in Mississippi.

Myrna is getting a $7 million house in the British Virgin Islands, a home in Los Angeles and an apartment beside New York’s Central Park. Surprisingly, Myrna showed she carries no bitterness toward E’Dena by agreeing to bequeath the New York property to the young woman in her will, the source added.

There is no gag order in the settlement, which means Myrna is free to write her book about Morgan’s many infidelities, said the source.

“Morgan is going to be embarrassed by what Myrna shares in the book,” the source said.

Wonder what else she can tell us that can possibly be any worse than chopping down the step-granddaughter that he raised as his daughter?

This book is gonna be JUICY!



  • purple love

    Dammmnnn she taking notes from elin and ivanka All dat chasing new p$sy gets u know where aha u gon pay what u owe ni99a!

    • Sasha

      CHEAT ON ME ! CHEAT ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I WANT SOME DAM MONEY

    • DollBaby1o1

      Was he near becoming a BILLIONAIIRE OR SUMTHIN’???

      This is news to me! I did NOT know that you could have all that money from acting!! nor did I know that you could TAKE AAAALL that money just for being cheated on DAYUM!!!

      Alls I know is some folks better school me on how this near billionaire game works. FORREAL.

    • ggergre

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    • Well Alright...

      GOOD LAWD!!!!! That’s a lot more than lottery money!! And she’s gonna write a book too?!! After what Morgan did to her, she deserves every penny!!

  • purple love


  • ImaPC

    I don’t care WHAT goes on in a marriage, it seems ridiculous to give another human being $400 million. That’s ridiculous…the divorce laws in this country are just ridiculous.

    • Bri

      They have been married for 26 years, and she helped him raise one of the women that he cheated on her with. He is the one who disgraced her, and he needs to pay. I am surprised that’s all she got.

    • Blacqberry

      Yeah right. Let the shoe be on the other foot and your super rich actress wife cheats on you and humiliates you publically. You would be the first one hollerin’ for restitution.

      LOL! He got what he deserved – and now…..so did she! :)

    • Kam Kam

      You sound like a cheater. Til death of part includes after we divorce because ppl aren’t really supposed to get divorced like your not supposed to marry someone you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with. He got what she deserved and a stupendous pay out at least no alimony. Now I do believe thats not right

    • MJ

      you must be a guy.

    • spikepine

      She deserves every penny that she gets. These people need to divorce if they want to screw every person in town. Four hundred million dollars is a lot of money to the average person, but if you are worth nearly a billion dollars, you can handle having to give your wife, whom you and cheated on and subject to STD’s, her share without feeling much loss. Again, good for her; I hope those other women he cheated with were worth it for him.

  • sc attorney

    She deserves every penny. You are as one when you get married. His money, her money…its all the same. Get half. She might deserve more.

  • FashionYaa

    I would sooooo buy that tell all.

  • ¿?


  • WoW

    That is pathetic. Having an affair with your step granddaughter? Wow…

  • bx2dadeath

    Dude has managed his finances in order to pay $400M.

    • DollBaby1o1

      HEYUL yeah. Now I aint mad at him for dat 400 mill!!!!

      GOD PLEEEASE GIFT ME WITH 400 MILL TOOO (but a positive 400 mill!)

  • if anything be noble

    I agree, ImaPC.

  • Delight23


  • Just Sayin

    Dam Morg, why you treat a sista like dat!

    Now you gots-ta give up da diz-o…

    A fool and his money will soon part!

  • Thaddious

    I’ve got mad respect for Morgan, but he can’t be worth 400 million.

    The 170M payout sounds believable. What, we believe the National Enquirer now?

  • thebenjamins

    Who in the hell believes this? I seriously doubt that Morgan Freeman is worth $400 million.

    When you talk $400 million you are talking about actors of Brad Pitt caliber.

    • Mrs. Rance

      You’re kidding right? People really think that if they don’t know something it must not be true. Check Morgan’s resume and compare Brad’s to it. You will find that Brad can only hope to have the success the Morgan has had in his career. Expand your mind.

  • Bunny(formerly Urheiness/Angel)

    DAMN! And that’s all I gotta say about this for now…WOWZERS! 0-o

  • simena

    Fyi. Mr. Morgan Freeman owns the POWER a.k.a. ELECTRIC company in Mississippi. He is extremely wealth from his business deals in land and public utilities not from acting. Google him! It is well documented.

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