Beep Beep! Wide Load Coming Through… Alicia Keys Makes Her Way Through Manhattan With Her Gut FULL Of Swizzy

- By Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys sports a gray jumpsuit and leather jacket walking 8 months pregnant with her brother in Manhattan

Alicia Keys was spotted walking the streets of Soho with her belly on super swole. The way she’s smiling it’s clear that mommyhood jumpsuits suits her.

Alicia Keys sports a gray jumpsuit and leather jacket walking 8 months pregnant with her brother in Manhattan

Even with her hubby up to his eyeballs in IRS debt and child support payments to his three babymamas, we love it that Alicia stays in good spirits. Of course she’s super paid, so lil Mama isn’t trippin’ off that. Go ‘head Alicia Cheese!


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    damn, i don’t miss being pregnant! *phew*😦

    • Bianca

      wish u had missed being a baby mama though.

  • lisabbt1qq

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  • shorty

    who u tellin im preg now n its torture. Im always sick n out of breath. Nomore for me this is it

    • smh

      it will b all worth it whn baby comes..i was supr emotional whn my baby was born…cried my eyes kept asking if i was in pain…lol.theres just no feeling like tha moment u c UR baby…very emotional!

  • micial

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  • Nicky from

    She looks good for being pregnant. Good luck to them.

  • Whatev

    Done with her.


      Whatever, be on your merry way.

  • Woozy

    she looks a muhfuggin mess!

    • whatsittoyou

      WRONG! She looks beautiful. I’m sure you’re the mess. Another idiot who can’t appreciate what a woman goes through to bring a life into the world. SAD


    Grrrrrrrrl you pregnant all OVER your entire body, but that’s okay you’ll get your body back I’m sure when this is over.

  • Houston's Finest

    Her brother is handsome!…look how he switched alicia’s bag to tha other hand when tha paps started takin pics!…yea we seen u!…#priceless

  • Maureen

    Who’s the dude behind her? He’s hot!😉

  • smh

    who u telln?!?!?!? 1 AND DONE!

  • Tan

    Where’s her glow???? She just looks like Blahh…she must be havin a boy

  • handbagok

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  • !!!!!


  • baybaybay

    She looks happy pregnant and her nose hasn’t spread. I was pregnant I barely showed because im tall with a long torso and my nose didn’t spread but my hair didn’t take perms so I was a mess. Alcia Keys looks very happy.

    • myHusbandMonitorsMyInternetActivity

      What the hell does being pregnant have to do with hair not ‘taking’ a perm.. I swear… some people are just…..

  • KIM


  • Shelly

    Alicia looks nice. Love seeing her with her Dad and her little Brother, at 9 months, child I was tired by that point. She is looking good for 9 months. I wish her the best, she is a sweetheart. Still out there raising money for her AIDS project.

  • daisy jay

    what in the…OKAY I HAVE BEEN LIED TO! a “little bird” told me that she already had her d@mn baby! a BOY! yeah i’m upset now…is this TRUE???

  • melissa

    shut up do u know how many women do this every day and dont die

  • myHusbandMonitorsMyInternetActivity

    not a good wardrobe choice. She looks like a weeble wobble

  • ldl

    I agree those men should kiss the ground we walk on for going through all this stuff. No effect on them, just happy go lucky. We go through a radical change for all this. Yes, some can get their body back but it’s still not the same or at least not for the normal person. Hope Mr. Swizz appreciates all this plus all the rumors and bad publicity she has had to put up with just for him. I know the baby will be worth it all. She looks gorgeous.

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