Twitter Files: Atlanta Rapper Diamond Could’ve Died Last Night!

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Diamond formerly of Crime Mob Atlanta

Lil’ Scrappy’s boo thang was in a pretty serious sounding accident last night, let Twitter tell it.

At around 10pm last night, Diamond tweeted the following:

Diamond Crime Mob Twitter

Sounds pretty serious. And we’re very glad she made it out of that situation with all “32 flavaz” intact. The accident reportedly happened on I-285, which circles all of the city of Atlanta.

Pretty busy highway. Which raises the question: why isn’t any Atlanta news outlet aware of this accident? We checked for additional details. Not one newspaper, television or radio station reporting it.

Are we tripping, or is this the kind of thing of thing that should make the news? Even if she is D-list?

Head over to to find out what Diamond did immediately afterwards and see the love she got from her celebrity friends.





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  • bbbbb

    The news doesn’t report every single thing that happens

  • Nicky from

    Glad she’s ok

  • LuVn_LiFe

    iM Glad she is alive and well

  • WhoGoneCheckMeBoo

    the news picks and chooses what “they” consider news. She’s black and not super rich so of course she’s not going to be news. I think it should be reported anyway because it does sound as if it was a terrible wreck and she is lucky to be alive…

  • Jayz

    That’s crazy she was still able to tweet the same night, she must have walked away with no injuries at all..good for her! :-)

  • williedynamite

    Well if no one died in the accident…and it didnt block traffic…the news is NOT going to report it!

  • loc

    So u almost die and the next thing you do is tweet….seems like she missed her sign.

    • sha


  • E$

    I had a wreck & the last thing I thought about was putting it on Twitter or Facebook

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  • CCW

    Who is she?

  • !!!!!


  • leecipher

    shes better than nicki minaj.IMAO (^^,)

  • Whatev

    You flip 3 times, hit a tree and make it out alive and you tweet? She should be on her knees.

    • Whatev

      Oh, she did say she was thanking GOD. Still kind of strange to think of tweeting right after.

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