Yung Berg’s Alleged Baby Mama Says He Doesn’t Acknowledge Autistic Son

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Yung Berg

A young woman claiming that she is Yung Berg‘s baby’s mother is stating that he is not only a “punk a**”, but also calls him a dead beat dad.

In the 8 minute video, Brianna brings out Yung Berg’s alleged son Lamont, who tells his mom in front of the camera that “he doesn’t know” who his dad is and that he needs to “stay” where he’s at.

Head over to for additional details and the full video.


  • nana

    Who is ice berg?

    • Hannibal


    • sha

      lol quit it hannibal!

  • M3@9@N

    Nana ma Ice berg a whole nutha quote rapper. He from dwn heh Miami. Um fuk tha otha side. Reason to hate. AnywayYung berg frm Cali he flaw tho. She got on his asz bout wheh eva he get his chain took lol



    • sha

      my head hurts… :P

    • joyrptr

      Sweet Jesus….

    • jazzie91

      Is that a excerpt from the book “Push” by Sapphire? SMH

  • purple love

    That douche the kid must be dark skinned

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    why am i not surprised. he’s a pu$$y!

  • carameljuicy

    boy looks just like him

  • jazzie91

    This the dude that said he doesn’t date dark butts right? ROFL lame. I’m not surprised he’s a deadbeat father.. With that being said, NEXT

  • white male

    ah poor baby

  • Everyone's got it!

    Eveyone talks about the status of HIV and black people, I’m so tired of that crap! These statistics have no merit because it’s only based on people who actually get tested! If you become pregnant, that’s mandatory HIV testing. If you give blood, mandatory testing. How many men, regardless of race, do you know that get tested? Not just for HIV, but for any STD’s. They are not trying to get the swab in the hole! I look at it like this, everyone regardless of race, gender, age, or status has HIV until you prove otherwise. Sleeping around with random people has never been the business. You lay down with dogs, you come up with fleas and disease!

  • Queen

    That little boy looks just like that dude! Sad! Some men need to step up for the kids! To many single parent kids in this world!

  • GP aka Soildergirl 20 & a day (civlian life takes some getting use to!!! IT SUCKS

    @Keep it real & Slide BLESS u Two….Slide u kill me, u r to funny BUT common sense is not so common!!! by the way HELLO it’s been a minute :)

  • White Women Rule


    Public school is free dear.

  • mosiane

    Yung berg.. yung berg.. still not ringing a bell! lol

  • M3@9@N

    @WhiteWomen B.Itch or N.Igga STFU an sit tha fuk down. U talkn to a black, puerto rican an Jamaican girl. I cud curse u out in three different ways right now. Got my diploma at 16 wheh yo ged at b.itch?

    • joyrptr

      Okay, not trying to disrespect or anything, but if you are going to comment, make it legible. Otherwise, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IN THE F*CK YOU ARE SAYING!

      I guarantee there probably are several people commenting here who have a GED, but they have sense enough to, well, MAKE F*CKIN SENSE…. It really doesn’t matter if you can say the same nonsense three different ways if no one knows what you are saying.

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