Video Blogger Criticizes “The Mean Girls Of Morehouse”, Says Homosexuality Is An Affliction, Sign Of The End Of The World

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The Mean Girls of Morehouse

More controversy for Morehouse. Video blogger Lydia Cotton attacks and criticizes the video blog “The Mean Girls of Morehouse” which featured three openly gay men rocking female clothing, who were later discriminated against for doing so by the college, which banned women’s clothing for their male students.

Cotton snaps back at the men saying, “I think Morehouse handled it brilliantly…you want a prestigious University to change their statement, their mission for building strong, intelligent Black men…you want them to change their whole history behind 5 students who don’t even know who the fawk they are?!…who are playing dress up…What makes them so special?!”

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    • Blacqberry

      I absolutely agree with her.

    • wWet

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    I have nothing with homosexuality but those men need to have a little decorum when it comes to there dress and personal self expression its a time and a place for everything and being gay doesn’t mean a man should put on high heels and a woman blouse to express his homosexuality that is a place to learn not a fashion runway.

    • Chris1761

      You’re completely out of line. Its not your place to tell someone how they can express themselves. If gay men want to treat the world as their own personal runway….Then more power to em. If its something that you don’t want to see, then turn the other cheek.

  • http://bossip deri

    I am with her 200%. It’s the end of life. If man is laid up with man where will life come from.

    • Ollie

      So your saying your dad and every man you know is going to become gay in the future? STFU. I’m tired of ignorance like this. Your mother raised an idiot.

  • i see

    Look men walking around in women clothes is not right by no means . Men acting like women is not right ,women acting like men is not right if the father of all life wanted this then he would have made woman and woman and man and man think about it.

  • Peppa

    Deri people like you make my a$$ itch. Everything involving gay people means the end of the world to insecue women like you. When are inseure women going to stop blaming gay men for their lack of a relationship. On the topic at hand, I agree with her 100%, it is a place for an education, not to express your fashion interests, or your sexuality. Do that on your own time. However, I do not agree with her when she says they don’t know who they are. She is in no place to judge whether or not they know who they are or not. She gets no points for that one statement. other than that I agree with her.

  • Kbeezy

    Its funny how people act like homosexuality just started, its been around for centuries. But I agree, Morehouse college does need to keep a dress code, and rules because its a private school. But to say its the end of the world because people are gay?!!! Thats absurd.

  • Shawn of the Living

    She looks ver angry and jaded for some reason.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Those flaming homo’s give homosexual men a bad name. Its hard enough for a gay man out there but then to have a man dressed like a woman that is stupid. I don’t understand there dress at a place like Morehouse College come on young men. When they graduate if they do they would not be able to walk into an interview in high heels and a blouse.

  • Dr Black

    the young men need to know the difference between expressing themselves and education. There is a time and place for everything.

  • crazychris

    satan started his homosexual rampage when his son cain built the first city enoch. a shame those practices are still here back back in those times it was okay it’s slowly getting luike that now it’s cool to be gay if you’re into that.I know all about occult orgies.

  • Girl shoot

    Wow she is a straight up bycht. We all should spy on her and judge her life and picknick it just for her being a bytch.

  • 1king

    Number 1 men don’t act like that. They are trying to be something the can never be. A woman. They can act all day and try to do everything they see a female do but will never be one. Its not in your dna. Why should people except their lies. Your a man but you want me to acknowledge you as a woman and then get upset when I don’t want to go along with your untruth. They do everything that women do but to an uglier level. All the things you hate that females do they magnify. You look ridiculous and act even worse. A man is not supposed to be conquered in that fashion. You won’t ever really garner any respect because it’s a pure act of submission in the wrst way.

  • constharm

    What is it that they want to be, men or women? In either case they can not be both. Morehouse is an all male institution and those men who are choosing to dress like women knew that before they submitted their application for admission.

  • Mystic

    Pfft! Gay men can’t even stand when a person isn’t dressed fashionably but have the nerve to think dressing up like a woman is normal. lol! Gimme a friggin’ break!

  • REALER TALK than that Fake Nickel "REAL TALK"

    Who gives a f*ck how people want to dress?

    It’s this kind of ghetto mentality that keeps black people down.

    B!tch worry about your grades and shut the f*ck up.


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