Cornball Nick Cannon Gets Clowned By Chelsea Handler But Did She Go Too Far With The Grape Soda… SMH

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Featured Nick and Chelsea shot

There’s beef in the tweets! Specifically between comedians Nick Cannon and Chelsea Handler. It’s no secret where we stand with Nick so we were pretty amused when Chelsea made a funny dig at Cannon’s corny sense of humor. Check out the way the whole thing played out below:

It all started when Chelsea said this:

chelsea handler nick cannon comedy tour

And then Nick countered back with some pretty mild tweets:

Nick Cannon answers Chelsea Handler's Heckling

Once Chelsea brought this picture into the beef — we gotta be honest — it kinda changed the way we feel about her.
chelsea handler grape soda tweet
Chelsea grape soda picture

But admittedly, Nick didn’t handle the situation any more maturely. He resorted to referring to Chelsea, along with Eminem and Howard Stern as “white trash” and took several shots that were literally below the belt:

Nick Cannon's tweets about Chelsea

Nick’s been on the defensive since the tweets hit Twitter, retweeting some pretty vile stuff that people say to him, such as:

Ian Halperin racist tweet

Poor Thang!

So what’s worse? Nick calling Chelsea white trash and bringing her vajajay into the convo or Chelsea tellin’ Nick to step his inner negro up by sucking down a can of “dat ghetto grape”?



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