Kat Stacks Says “She Was Turned Out At 14 When She Started Working At Strip Clubs”

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Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks hit Atlanta this week and did her first radio interview with Hot 107.9’s The DurtyBoyz.

Putting more artists on blast she actually has a breakdown on the show and revealed,

“I’ve been working the strip club since I was 14 years old…The money was just everything to me back in the day… and the first person I met in Miami was actually T-Pain… and then I started meeting everybody.”

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  • understandingoverignorance

    Stop giving this ugly mole rat any kind of press.

    She is a hoe and will never be nothing else…Do something model oops ugly sing oops no talent…Well just go the __k away

  • meme

    This chick is just lame….

  • MIMI

    And again you people give this sorry excuse of a woman/mother her 15 minutes of fame.
    STOP IT!!
    And if you people don’t have anything of substance to let us know then we won’t hold it against y’all if the site doesn’t get updated for weeeeeks

  • jdmann

    This chick got more game than Lebron James she should call herself Count Stackular the internet mackfoyar lol.

  • tru

    No Kat Stack…I’m in love with a stripper was not about you??? This chick is crazy.


  • southundymepiece

    I just can’t understand why this B!÷(# keeps getting re-upped on her 15 minutes of fame by the media, smdh.

  • MrsMom

    I feel bad for her. She’s so empty. Anyone who takes advantage of her, even if she seem willing, is just as low.

  • naptown_goddess

    this is a woman who has been used and abused. she is lashing out at the world.

  • http://esaw@rock.com REAL REAL TALK



  • Bianca

    Read: the first person i fu cked in miami was t-pain, the i started fu cking everobody.

  • EvaBrownBaby

    Poor child. She needs help and therapy. She doesn’t have any real friends and everyone is out to game her. She’s wilding on some deep stuff. She can’t help it.

  • 1987

    Those fake azz titz
    That fake azz booty

    I see these rappers have NO standards

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  • youknowimmacallyouout

    Kat Stack has without a doubt the ugliest vagina…it looks over processed or chewed-up, Im not surprised she’s been selling her bird body since she was 14…her vagina looks like its 53years old ans smelly..YUCK!

  • Tee08

    that girl is tramatized… the vidoe speak for its self…. you would have to be heartless if you couldn’t see thru her pain. SAd

  • http://stewartsynopsis.com/Site%20Index.htm We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    I feel bad for this poor lost girl.😦 She makes my heart hurt everytime she speaks. The Devil is a LIAR, Kat. A straight LIAR.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Who in their right mind keeps sleepin’ with her?! I guess rappers spend most of their time wasted. I couldn’t be with any man who’s job was to stay in the club.

  • mosiane

    Black girl lost.

  • Jay Rock

    Jezebel wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth.She probably had less than every one of us, but when she knew how to walk she knew how to bring the house down. Can’t blame her for her beauty. She wins with her hands down. Jezebel, what a belle looks like a princess in her new dress. How did you get that?
    Do you really want to know she said.It would seem she’s on her way. It’s more, more than just a dream. She put on her stockings and shoes. Had nothing to lose. She said it was worth it. Reach for the top and the sun is going to shine. Every winter was a war she said I want to get what’s mine. Jezebel, Jezebel won’t try to deny where she came from. You can see it in her pride and the raven in her eyes. Try to show her a better way she’ll say you don’t know what you’ve been missing. By time she blinks you know she won’t be listening. Reach for the top she said and the sun is going to shine. Every winter was a war she said I want to get what’s mine….JEZEBEL…BY THE BEAUTIFUL- SADE..REAL REAL TALK

  • eman

    Nobody cares about her ugly self next

  • http://pleazhavsense sick of kat stacks

    hood rat go get some psychological help and some psychotropic meds.

  • prettyliz

    because she isnt sophisticated nor beautiful…lmao

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