Is The Diddy-Nicki Lovefest A Wrap?

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True or False: is Nicki Minaj done letting Diddy play pretend manager.

A press release popped up online yesterday announcing that she’s terminated Diddy’s service as her manager, and moved on to the bigger and better world of Benny Medina – the man currently behind J. Lo, who was also once the force behind Mimi’s career.

By now, everyone should now that I am really strict when it comes to my representation. I had sympathy for Sean however I feel as if I haven’t gotten the guidance the manager is supposed to give his client. Personally, I feel like I’m being managed by mother. Even if you play the smallest role on my team, I wish to see progress. I’d like to thank him for everything he has done for me; for taking me under his wing. I wish him the best with repping Rick [Ross]. But now that my album is about to drop, its time to get serious and stop playing games. If I could turn back time…I wouldn’t have made the decision to let Troy go.

By Troy, she means her former manager Troy Carter, who currently manages fellow circus act Lady Gaga. Diddy had big shoes to fill.

Her answers about Diddy in her recent Complex Mag interview make it sound like a possible scenario.

Complex: How did your relationship with Diddy start? Obviously, he manages you now…

Nicki Minaj: Who said that? Who told you that? Did I tell you that? I don’t want you to say “obviously” if I didn’t tell you that, so let’s start that question over.

Complex: It has been reported that Diddy and James Cruz manage you now—so how did that relationship start?

Nicki Minaj: I don’t care to discuss management and don’t care to discuss Diddy any further.

So did Diddy get dumped by a Benny Medina-linked attention whore for the second time in his life?

Nicki says no dice.

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Awww! We were kind of hoping for a tear-filled Diddy b*tchfest on Twitter.



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