Unsigned Broad From Mississippi Claims Trina Bit Her Style Down To The Bad Dye Job

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Miz Smurff Trina stolen song twitter

We don’t know if we would say this out loud, but an up-and-coming rapper out of Mississippi is claiming responsibility for both Trina’s latest fashion faux pas and her latest misguided single. Problem is, she also claims Trina‘s not giving credit where it’s due.

Miz Smurff felt so strongly about this violation of her talent, that she took her impression of the Mad Rapper to Twitter.

Miz Smurff Mississippi rapper twitter

At the source of this grade C beef is a song. Miz Smurff claims her song “Eat It Anyway”…

inspired this moment of uninspired wackness from Trina…

We don’t really hear it. A fan of both *clears throat* “ladies” tells us that Trina’s single was originally called something else. Still, we can’t help but feel like it’s absolutely possible that both of them could have come up with this creative concept… that Luda’s bottom b*tch Shawnna immortalized in song in ’06.

And isn’t that the same flavor Kool-Aid Rihanna has in her hair and Fantasia was rocking in ’08? Matter of fact, we’re pretty sure every hood chick has to have hair that color at least once in their lifetime.

Do you think Miz Smurff is justified in her anger? Head over to BossipTwitter.com for her full rant and Trina’s response.

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