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Willow Smith takes her dog for a walk in Manhattan

Willow Smith was spotted in Manhattan walking her dog nearby her hotel. Aw the preciousness. How cute are they?

Willow Smith takes her dog for a walk in Manhattan

How do you feel about Willow’s “Uncle Sam Wants You” pants? Lately Willow has had so much confidence, we’re starting to feel like she can pull off any crazy outfit.



  • nana

    Am not gon lie! This lil girl makes UGLY looks cute!

    • Soul Touch


      I feel you. lol She is too cute. What I like about her is that she is just doing her thing, showing other girls it’s okay to just be you. All that materialism (designer status and what’s ‘in’) put aside.

  • Kim

    Why are you asking these lemmings about her outfit? She is a child, you know how rabid your readers are why are you throwing them this little girl as red meat? Uggghhh!!

  • nana

    U go Willow! Do u thing with ur cute self

  • Liv

    Willow is so cute but I’m not feeling the outfit.

  • nana

    Lmaoooo @Hannibal! Yeah am sure

  • Educated Goon

    Damn her friend is fine as hell.. who is she??

    • Miss Barbie B

      I don’t think it matters who she is, what really matters is that Willow is hanging with a girl who appears to be at least 8-10 years older than she is. Again I feel I can question Will & Jada’s parenting.

    • eman

      Maybe that her baby sitter or somthing haha idk

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    I guess rich folk dont have to match. they can come out the house anyway and its the new trend. and i agree WILLOW MAKES UGLY THE NEW CUTE! Get it girl!!!

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Will and Jada two wierd looking mutha’fuggas. how they make to cute churrennn….i cant seem to figure that out. And this song is getting Super Annoying ….Smh I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY HEAD BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH.

  • Candid Canuck

    cosign w Hannibal ( what!)

    the “hired help” in the purple haze can git it.. early!

    • Illuminate Truth …"I Don't Luv U Enuff 2 Hate U"

      ….but ask yourself: Does she WANT it? Reality checks are always productive.

  • Miss Barbie B

    OMG that puppy is so cute!

  • eman

    @hannibal u wish that girl would get with u stop smoking dude

  • Whatev

    Again, Willow looks just too grown up.

  • *she rocks*

    growing up too fast… not good for a 9 year old

  • BeeMe

    Also that’s her stylist and bodyguard she is walking with. She was introduced by Willow as her stylist a while back.

  • true

    Leave the lil girl alone already!!!

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