For Discussion: Would You Allow Your 5-Year-Old Son To Dress Up As A Princess Boy?

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My Princess boy

Dyson’s mother showed her support for her son by writing this book about their family’s experience.

“Sharing our experience openly has created a dialogue people in general weren’t having — and now with My Princess Boy adults and children have a starting point for a discussion that is difficult for many parents to approach,” she said.

Experts say that Dyson’s attraction to sparkly female clothing doesn’t mean he’ll be gay, but that seems like the natural fear any parent would have about a cross-dressing son — no matter his age. How much do you think the behavior we exhibit as children factors into who we become as adults?

And should Cheryl Kilodavis’ efforts to support her son and his wishes be applauded, or is she paving the way for him to become one of the “Mean Girls” at Morehouse?

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  • ByrdLady

    Uh, no, I would not.

    • RMEs

      2nd that.

    • Phacorah


  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Lil’ Sissy…

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      Allowing lil’ man to be a cross dresser = ain’t that some bullsh*t…

    • daisy jay

      yes…it is..smfh. i mean like teaching little kids that two prince charmings isn’t enough! you want a person to allow their son to dress like a..PRINCESS?! i feel like i’m in the Twilight Zone

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

      @daisy jay

      It’s like they’re teaching this dog to be a cat, SMMFH…


    • spikepine

      This is a disaster waiting to happen. What is on parents minds these days? Children should not be able to make decisions concerning their lives at the age of 5 or 15. This is sad and disgusting. Some people these days have trouble when it comes to making wise decisions.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    oh boy, here we go. i don’t believe the boy is gay! he’s getting his influence from somewhere and hopefully will grow out of his barbie doll phase…

  • It's Me

    another up coming punk!! Ya’ll know how I feel about punks, so since this is a kid I will keep my comments silent!!

    • Mock Rock Star

      Yea shut your punk a$$ up

  • divalious

    lucky i have lil girls, but wouldnt let them dress up like boys.i buy the clothes that means i make the decision.

  • Hannibal


    • daisy jay

      THANK YOU HANNIBAL *sigh of relief* you’re alright when you wanna be

    • Nikki

      The right way is relative….what works for one isnt always gonna work for all. the right way to raise a child is to love and support them, style of dress should not stifel that.

    • Hermana de Cafe

      Hmm, I hardly think takin care of your kids means takin em to sporting events! Great solution!

    • kennedy

      football isnt going to teach you to be str8. there are plenty of gay downlow football players. plenty of downlow thugs, plenty of downlow husbands that have never put on a dress, wore makeup, that have never been girly..get real

    • RF

      You’re an idiot. If you think that there aren’t any gay men out there today who haven’t been to a sporting event, you are dumber than most will give you credit for. Sports is not a cure for homosexuality. Education, however is a cure for ignorance. *side-eye*

    • monica

      Hope you have a “fudgepacker” son, Hannibal, so you can test your retarded theories yourself.

      Guaranteed the kid will split from the house as soon as he can.

  • sina

    FOOLISHNESS! not cute, funny at all…

  • Iwannabems.harrisonsobad

    Hes a little b0y wtf if he7 gay big damm deal

  • Jammu

    This is not normal and I am upset at the parents for encouraging this behavior. Are they going to be happy when he is a grown man dressing up in dresses?

  • WithAllHonesty

    Let’s tackle the situation realistically. Would we allow it? Hell naw. But does it change the fact he wants to wear girl or womens clothing. So now what??

  • leah

    Hell the the MOTHA FUC*KIN NO!!!! If when he gets older and he wants to be a drag queen then thats up to him, but as long as he is in my house and i’m the one buying his clothes he can forget it. And then people wonder why their kids get bullied and teased

  • Matix B

    Not my child, but i can’t judge other parents for their choices.

  • Nikki

    That child is 5 and innocent, all the negativity is thrown in by grown AZZ folks… half of the dudes goin so bad on this baby possibly bein gay are the same ones kissin boys behind closed doors…

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    SOOOOO IT’S Okay for that Angelie Jolie/Brad Pitt chic to dress her daughter in boy clothing? Ummmm….

  • kmr2

    If my husband and I did have a son I am Sure he WOULD have a problem with that. But the little boy is cute:)

  • Da Truth

    Where is the daddy…he need to put his foot down and tell that boy to man up….parents have got so soft. If I would have done that when I was a little boy my daddy would have hit me so hard I would talk with a permanent stutter.

  • Syreeta

    If his dad was a good one, he should be mimicking him. My nephew has an excellent father and since he was little he followed his dad foot-to-foot!

  • Hannibal


    • TheOne

      LMAO you stupid.

    • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators


      Shut up, you are soo dumb, just really really dumb – for real…

      Run and tell that HOMEboy…

      LOL, good one :-)…

    • Hannibal


    • daisy jay

      BAHAHAHAHAHA and he’ll have on a ragedy @ss red bandana too

    • Angie

      LMBO!!! good one!

  • nya

    I would allow it. Children need discipline, but their spirit shouldn’t be suffocated. I would never want my child to feel he or she wasn’t accepted as he/she was at home.

    • bootsy

      AMEN. acceptance of something that is not harmful is the kind way to parent. kids are killing themselves and people on this board are saying “hell no not my child?” no wonder kids feel bleak about their futures….

    • marianna

      you are completely right.

  • sonja nelson

    all i can say is this must really be our last days because even the most innocent in our society is f*****up.


    This is just insane!!I’ve raised eight children and in all the years,i never even thought a 5 yr old could tell anyone what he/she wants to wear!!As far as I and my husband were always concerned,our children do and wear what we tell them….What the hell is all this?This world is certainly coming to an end…

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    This is one reason why you have to be VERY careful about who you let babysit your children… And you gotta ask who else is gonna be around the child while at the baby sitter, SMMFH…


      Do you think it is okay to place a little girl in pants? Most of you will say yes. But pants are traditionally worn by men.

      Do you think it is okay for monks to walk around in garb that looks like a freakin dress?

      Do you think it is okay for girls to play sports?

      Do you think it is okay for men to be nurses?

      Do you think it is okay for men to be stay-at-home dads?

      Do you think it is okay for men to be teachers?

      Do you think it is okay for women to be police officers, or firefighters, or to carry guns?

      All of these things at one point in time in our culture were considered taboo or crossing and breaking gender barriers. They were UNTHINKABLE.

    • daisy jay

      ….. *throws towel in* i give up *dies*

  • understandingoverignorance

    That parent should be kicked in the head.

    Nothing against men who grow up to be cross dresser but at his age no. You control that situation and he should be in a batman costume a pirates outfit but not a boy princess. Thats just stupid as fu*ck!!!

    • Kristina

      It’s called love and support for your child. These parents are being parents by not judging their child doing whatever it is need to be done to keep him happy!! Trying to force him ONCE to wear boy clothes could effect him forever becuz that one time he could make him feel as if his parents do not truly love or accept him. You damn ignorant ppl nowadays kill me Grow the hell up!

    • marianna

      lmao @ such an ignorant statement coming from someone with your username

  • Niasia

    Ok if you read it she says since the age of 2 yrs old he wanted to dress this way. I swear that people are bron this way I just wish people would figure that out. I am sure there was no one in his life MAKING him wear feminine clothing. If his parents don’t love him for who he wants to be then who will? If, when I have children and they are “different” I will allow them to express themselves that way. I see no issue with this here. Awesome Parents by the way!!


      Exactly! I saw a little boy on Oprah just like this a few years back. Since the age of 1 he started to gravitate towards more “feminine” things.

    • imcafeaulait

      I Agree! @ 2 y/o? Come on. That’s already in him before you get the chance to ‘teach’ him anything. If that’s the case, why is the other son not like that? This is when crazy mofos get to trying to beat kids for who they are. I think that’s so EFF’D UP! Now we understand why so many gays commit suicide. They are who they are before they got here.

    • J.DUBB

      This is BS. How IN the hell at age 2 could he decide that he wanted to wear girls clothes. His mother started dressing him up like a little girl and his punk azz dad allowed it. He don’t have a sister, so how else would he be introduced to female clothes. If my wife would have dressed my boys up in girl clothes I would have snapppppped. I know a lady who dressed her little boy up in girl clothes and bought him dolls and girl toys. Today he is gay,and she can’t stand him. But it’s her own damn fault. Kids will be kids, but u raise a boy as a boy and a girl as a girl.When they get old enough to make a life changing decision as important as this, then you stand behind them. But don’t you dare push this nonesense on them. Especially at this young age.


    This story makes me wonder what influences are around this kid. The reason I say this is because I have a childhood friend who’s parents aloud him to have baby dolls, barbies you name it. There were no other boys around so the girls were the ones that he identified with. Where as my son who is 3 plays with his cousin but they share his toys. He has a lot of little boys that he plays with in the neighborhood so I only had to tell him that boys don’t play with dolls ONCE. Any who nope I wouldn’t allow my son to dress like a girl. He will always know I love him but it doesn’t take letting him wear a tu tu to get that point across.

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