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  • cindy

    I belive has a parent we are suppose to teach a child in the way that they should go. They dont know any better has kids,that why we are suppose to teach them from the womb. What girls do and what boy do. Not for a child to just do what they want to do.


    if ppl stop actin so un educated if you must kno we are all technically born as females not matta how masculine a man is or femm a female is it’s the x and y chromosomes that make the choice of you being male or female that’s why we have hermapherdites some of us get caught in the middle and the x and y chromosomes can’t determine so they cum out with both… So all the super masculine moncho guys jus kno you were a gerl b4 you grew a penis that’s why it takes a few weeks or months to dertermine rather it’s a gerl or boy.. And stop using the word faggit it’s a bundle of sticks and gay is happy us the rite term homosexual be respectful and have manners wat is the world cummin to with ppl and there ignorance on the up and up I didn’t c the vid but I read alot of the comments and alot of them were jus dum and very uneducated and if ppl must wonder yes I am a homosexual male and there’s nuffin wrong wit it and for all the homopobic ppl yall are the ones who are the closet cases cuz no normal person wud be so bent over sumone being a homosexual if we don’t bother you or hit on you why bother wit us am I rite about it so all the harsh comments of ppl goin to hell and all that mess look n the mirror cuz you will be the first one one the highway to hell with gasoline underwear cuz ur sittin and ur judging we were all created by the man upstairs our lives were already planned we are jus living them!!! Be blessed ppl

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