Some Morning Cakes: Keyshia Dior, Amazin Amie, Ophilia, and LA Brown

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Show Magazine Keyshia Dior black lingerie issue

Gucci Mane’s breezy Keyshia Dior, Amazin Amie, Chad Ochocinco’s jawn Ophilia and LA Brown are featured on four separate covers for Show Magazine’s “Black Lingerie” Special Edition 4 cover issue, which hits stores October 28th. We’ve got all four covers for you this Friday morning. Good googly moogly these cakes are giggin and glistening…

Show Magazine Amazin Amie Black Lingerie Issue

These chicks are aight, but where is Draya Face???


  • smh

    Some of these chicks are even cute. Really is the back that important to hit an ugly chick?

    • smh

      **correction** aren’t – are NOT

    • Droppin it like its hot since 1986

      As a straight woman I’ll say they are ok looking. But it’s soooo much photoshop on them you can’t tell what’s real from whats fake/bought. But this not mainly for entertainment of men but also for some women. I just think it’s too too too much photoshop on them and it’s highly noticeably that it’s been done to them..smh

    • LIly

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  • I can't STAN!

    A becky on the cover of Black Lingerie – y’all fuucked it up right there

    • omg

      that magazine has different issues black issue and white issue . Its a urban magazine not blk only

  • nana

    Beautiful women! The white gal look like Coco

  • Y

    Airbrushed to the max, these women aren’t even portraying reality any more. The might as well just draw their images next time, would be cheaper.

  • micial

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  • Hannibal


  • imjustsayin

    the black girl has a really pretty face to me but booth of them air brushed hoes

  • Kem Wer

    Thank GOD for woman!!!

  • Ejay

    La Brown’s Azz is too lumpy. They should have used more photoshop!

  • Tee

    I like ole girl’s hair in the first photo. That hawk is hot!

  • Real Black Man
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  • trina

    Keisha Dior is pretty and smart. She is definatly doing big things. Love her

  • liza

    Do they get paid for this or is it just for publicity???

  • J

    LMAO/SMH @ the bitterness from yall chicks


    For the 1 millionth time, when will women learn that you, as a woman, have NO SAY in what we, as MEN find attractive.

    Talkin bout ‘they ugly’…smh. If thats ugly to u just eat the pills.

  • Educated Goon (From the Hood to Harvard)

    Keyshia Dior looks so good… mmmmmm i want that. I seen her at Phipps Plaza one time

  • JasmineCalle

    Ophilia is sooooo pretty Trey should have stuck with her.

  • John

    Amazin Amie & Ophilia are my favorite covers.

  • Malia

    La Browns booty is just too big, but I’m not a man so…..

    • Louis

      Naw that jawn is just right and juicy! I’d bit her cheeks every night if she was mine. Looking like a ripe apple covered in chocolate. LA Brown has the baddest cover in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    So pimp manager Janero’s models are getting covers now? WTF they are not even all that cute. I’ve seen way way better like Jeny Romero, Bernice Burgos, Kat Monsalve, and Sasha Delvalle. Keyshia Dior is a straight butterface Jeny Romero got her. And Janero is a SNAKE!

  • deez nutz

    i can’t believe you ppl can come on here and hate on these two women, its gotta be women hating or bunch of gay dudes on here!! if your straight you give this two thumbs up!!smh deez!

  • deez nutz

    wow didn’t realize it was more!!! i got a thousand dollars to any woman that hates on these pics but can show me they look better, *kanye west shrug* deez!

  • lil sexy

    i agree with the person who said trey songz should of stuck with Ophillia he won’t because she is not popular enough for him besides he likes leftovers of little wayne he not go mess with any chick who is regular they only smash industry girls. ophillia is cute but not there yet where are her kids?

  • lil sexy

    These are good photos from woman’s standpoint to me but it is this that gets them stereotype. i know why Ophillia doing it she a widow so she has to feed them kids, but sometimes enough is enough. we don’t even get credit for our own butts anymore.

  • VirgoJewel

    I agree. I think Keyshia Dior was the only pretty one.

    The rest had donks but weren’t so cute in the face.

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