Fantasia New Video “I’m Doin Me” (Photo Gallery)

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Fantasia “I’m Doin Me” Video Shoot

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  • Hannibal


    • http://Looknow... butta

      ..if u were in the public eye and ALL ur ish was out there….Im sure sum1 would say that about u!!

    • Talkin sh*t since I don't know when

      he he!

    • Kimmy

      I am sure they care more about that young woman then anything you have to say.

    • Lindy

      First of all if you didn’t CARE you wouldn’t be here moreover you would not have wasted your time commenting. I submit that you do care but you are jealous and hateful. Go spew your crap somewhere else. No one asked you for your opinion. Most times when we don’t care for something we avoid it. Stop being so mean spirited. It takes years off of your life.

  • butta

    I LOVE U FANTASIA!!! I thought ‘EVEN ANGELS’ would be next…do u forget the haters!!

  • this is it

    Fantasia keep doing your thing. Great name for your song, “I’m Doin Me” cuz no one no matter who they are can do you better than you.

  • Vel-J

    Best song on her album to me!!

  • Talkin sh*t since I don't know when

    Exactly! Fantsasia has one one the best R & B albums out now. I been riding with Fanny since her “Bump What Ya Friends Say” days

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    She looks mad cute🙂

    Love the hair,makeup,accessories,dress & jacket.

  • Gaping Azzhole

    someone needs to give this ape a banana and bring her back to the zoo where she escaped from.

    • Gaping Azzhole

      I’m jealous of Fantasia and her celebrity status.

      I write dumb comments because it’s the only way i can get comments.


    I wish the best for fantasia and think that she is a naive but sincere and honest celebrity and Im glad that her side of the story was told. I wish her lots of success

  • yz

    I luv this song. Wish Fantasia the best.

  • EbonyPearl

    This girl is Talented….It’s singers like her that keep real music around!

  • Cali

    Shouldn’t this song be called ” I’m doing someone else’s husband” ? This broad is done! No one likes a fake publicity stunt and helping (it takes two) to destroy a marriage. She even messed up with Oprah when she was too lazy to finish all the Color Purple shows hence the reason Oprah was trying to get the ex-wife on to blast Tasia. B*tch has messed up bad!

    • get out!


      Oh, so you spoke with Fantasia, her family, her publicist and they told that she intentionally slept with this man and that its going to be a publicity stunt? Know your facts before you start hatin on this Fantasia. Who are you to judge this young women? She seems to be more real then all of those other singers out there

    • Tee

      Nobody have heard about all what you is talking about but you. sound like some made up stuff to me .

    • get out!


      Lol!!! you are so stupid!! lol …:)

    • Lindy

      You sound like a fool. You don’t even know what you are talking about. False information all around. Children should not meddle in grownup stuff. I started to tell you to go to hell but then realized you are a child. So I’ll just say I’ll pray for your parents because I know they raised you better than that. Grow up please and mind your business. Better still get your facts straight before you go shooting off your BIG MOUTH. In the words of James Brown, “talking loud and saying nothing.”

  • Hello

    I just think the suicide was selfish attempt for attention and not sure if I want to support her. There are people out here with issues that really drive them to suicide and she took it lightly if this was a publicity stunt. But then again on her show she seem really sincere and almost made me cry cause we all been in positions where you feel like the world is crashing on your head (even though that is no excuse to attempt suicide when you have a daughter and family). But it does make you sympathize with her some. I dont know. Im on the fence with her right now.

  • Cali

    @Get out!

    Yes, I did speak with all of them and they told me that Tasia selfishly sleep with a married man, then fearing the backlash that was surely coming she would need to somehow get public sympathy by PRETENDING to overdose, but since this is fake we have to be safe and go with ASPIRIN. Lol, she is so wack, if she had a real PR team they would have told her that honesty would have helped her out a WHOLE lot more than the fake suicide attempt. If she was real, she is not anymore.

    • Truth

      Stupid B!tch! I guess her suicide attempt would be real to you if she had died. Evil, stupid B!tches of the world ugh!

    • Lindy

      Please, please, please Grow up!! UGH!!! What a head case. I think you need therapy and possibly medication. Get some help please. PLEASE!!

  • candyshop

    ghetto R&B. Not feeling Fantasia with all that yelling.

  • YallJustDontGetIt!!!!!!!!!

    What in da hell is she wearing…a camouflaged potato sack!!!

  • kelli

    Why do we hate so much? This girl has had a rough life, made poor decision and continues to work on improving her situation. People call ugly, ghetto, home wrecker….Maybe she is troubled and working on getting better. Fantasia you look great girl..and I love your album…Do you!!!

  • Jacquelin

    Get the facts about what
    really happened. Some of U guys R so mean. Fantasia has made it what R U doing with your life? Many blessings 2
    Tasia & her family. God has your back so keep it moving.I purchased (3) CDs, because my family & I R true fans.

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    dxmn…shes still rockin those braces.

  • Gaping Azzhole

    lol that woman on the left in the black top looks like a bald headed aunt jamima bytch

  • Gaping Azzhole

    lol that woman on the left looks better than me, so i just have to hate.

  • linda g

    hang in there girl you are the best

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  • gigglegal 215

    When I heard about about Fantasia’s suicide attempt I was praying that it wasn’t a publicity stunt. Seeing her show and how she and her manager have been reacting to the possible law suit. I believe the pressure did get to her. I don’t believe they can act that good.

  • don

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  • ?

    Fantasia is not pretty or cute for that matter. She seriously needs a stylist. How about she ask Rihanna for some fashion tips. LOL LOL

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