Where Are My Parents?

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Soulja Boy Vibe Magazine digital outtakes

Dear Mr. Jenkins and Ms. Way: We understand being the parents of a teenage millionaire must make a lot of things easy to overlook. But we’re gonna need you to come get your child.

Because clearly, nobody around him is gonna stop him from saying stupid things or doing dumb sh*t. Your cute little boy now looks like a sideshow freak. Like if this rap thing doesn’t work out, he can compete for the most tattooed man in the world.

And the tattoos themselves aren’t the issue. But we’re pretty certain that if our kid came home with some random broad’s lips tatted on his neck, we’d take some kind of action.

Please reign this little boy in before he can legally start drinking next summer. ‘Cause alcohol will only make matters worse.

And while you’re at it: please tell him that a pretty boy’s swag does not include having the world see his droopy drawls on television.

We thank you.


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  • hoe lee crap...

    He smoked his parents…or sniffed them up..LOL

    • Dlighted

      He smoked his parents…or sniffed them up.. I *flatlined* after I read that

      Then I resurrected myslef and died again, LMAO!!!

    • try me

      @Dlighted….your comment is hilarious. lmbo. thank u, i needed that laugh today.🙂

    • gfjo

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    • Droppin it like its hot since 1986

      lmao @ur comments..i died! lols..soulja boy is a damn mess and another blemish on black ppl alllll around the world..smfh

  • Hannibal


    • hoe lee crap...

      HOLD UP!!!!!!!!! HOW u got 2pac as ur handle and in the SAME BREATH say soulja boi got lyrics????? I think Pac just came back from Cuba and he looking 4 u man….

    • I can't STAN!

      @ hoe lee crap


    • Hannibal


    • TellMeSumting

      @ hoe lee crap – so so true. WTH is he thinking? Oh… he’s not.

  • VirgoJewel

    Wait, that’s not paint? He really got the word “Swag” tattooed 365 times across his face????

  • Jason Marcus

    I hate Rap! And, “the streets!”

    • Robert

      Second That!

  • herudagod

    Wow, this younger generation are completely lost! SMH

    • tg

      totally AGREE

    • London Girl

      Trust me! So unfortunate😦

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!!

    Somebody PULEEEZE tell me that’s either a henna tattoo or a marker.

    Please don’t tell me that’s real!!!!!!!!

    Humor me, P.L.E.A.S.E????????

    • MyReason

      It’s paint…it’s not real. It’s for the photo shoot. And this “letter” is just as fake as the paint on his face.

  • d.

    He doin him.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Perfect example of too much,too young,too soon,ugh!
    His looks as horrid as his music souunds lmao & SMH

  • Mia

    HAHA! I just dont get it. Soulja Boy is WEAK.!!! Real Talk.

  • !!!!!


  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Rap has turned to crap…

    Glad it’s just temp paint though…that would be some psycho-mess if he permanently Tatted that Head up…dumb…

  • E$

    you really can’t talk about him seriously without laughing….I miss HipHop R*I*P

  • Umenat2saythat

    @ VirgoJewel That’s not tatoos, just paint. Lol 8/24 Virgo also!!

    • VirgoJewel

      Get out!! I’m 8/25!!!

  • understandingoverignorance

    Right now Soulja Boi is young he got people around him keeping him cool. But he will grow up and like 50Cents just got all his arm tattoos removed young Soulja Boi will get some of his as well removed…Let him do his thing

  • ken ken

    clearly a marker ..lol

  • olmkge

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  • johnny ringo

    Todays Rap music is making 80’s Devil Rock Music look like gospel music. SO SAD!! BLACK YOUTH IS DOOMED!!

  • Maybe He Ran Out of Paper

    He should have written the words backwards, so that when he looks in the mirror he could read what it says. Now, someone will have to tell him that it says “You Big Dummy!”

    • VirgoJewel

      LMAO@ The screen name

  • Machelle

    What in the hell is he smoking? I hope that crap on his face is henna, if it’s not his no talent azz is SCREWED!LOL Somebody come get their stupid country azz kid…I see enough of losers like him in these parts..

  • loc n grow


  • Bopa

    Either way real or fake he looks dumb, really dumb.

  • Thepoeticmenace

    That’s not a damn tattoo you can clearly see the dude is using a marker…. but it’s still stupid

  • 1234321

    he is a lost child. dumbazz

  • blah

    What a moron.

  • Red Girl

    Anyonw who knows anything about tattoos can clearly see that is a marker pen, not tattoos. There is even a picture showing the man drawing on his face with a marker. Not saying that it is a smart thing to do, but obviously no permanent harm done.

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