Some Morning Cakes: The Double Whooty Edition

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Black Lingerie Magazine Covers Coco Amazin Amie

We showed you the Amazin’ Amie cover of Show Magazine’s Black Lingerie Issue the other day, but when we saw some shots from Coco’s Show spread we had to bring Amie back for a little big whooty battle.

Nicole Coco Austin Show Magazine

The ladies seem to like assuming similar positions

Amazin Amie

Which one would you hit?

Continue for lots more comparison shots…


  • BustHerUp

    Well I say got#%^*!!
    Both of em would get it in a major way!

    • GIFT

      that would be a heavenly xperience. Them w/some blunts and nothing but time would b a helluva day lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nana

    I like Coco! She’s a skank and she’s proud of it! U go gal

  • TREY


  • Jason Drvms

    not slim enough.

  • bx2dadeath

    Trailer Park models.
    Not glamorous enough to be fashion models nor talented enough to be actresses.

    • Bossip Is Ran By The KKK


  • juliemango

    Both look amazin prefer coco tho!!!

  • nana

    Good for u Tony!

  • Shinningstar

    They both look great but Coco looks better!

  • Matix B

    some dudes will stick their dyck in anything SMH get some taste.

  • 7lady


    I sure as hell don’t think he’s all that. I love my pure black men. And it’s ok if you love non black women more. It hurts…i can’t lie. But you have that right.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i like coco. she seems sweet and fun to hang with and looks good too!

  • Ejay

    They both would get it but Amie has the edge. I love how nice azzes come in all shades and colors! And airbrushed or not, in real life their azzes a still Big and Shapely enough for 90% of Men!

    • Ejay


  • Chocolateaser

    Must admit, though I’ve seen some unphotoshopped pics recently of Coco (and she looked like she should have been covered up), these altered pics are alot more flattering. Naw, not really. I’m a little busy right now, can somebody else take out the trash?

  • Joanna

    Amie got this! She’s next up.

  • Shawn


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