Fright Fest: The 12 Scariest Celebrity Lace Fronts

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Trina Kelly Rowland lacefront wigs

In the spirit of Halloween we’ve compiled a list of the scariest celebrity hairstyles we could find.

A number of your favorite celebrities are known for their love of wigs but what happens when that wig is poorly placed, poorly made or sometimes just poor looking?

You’ve got your frightfest list of celebrity lace fronts.

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  • Human Racist

    all of those shi.ts are scary!!!

    • christmas808

      brandy’s and beyonce’s were the funniest

    • OMG

      I never liked this trend at all-lace fronts need to stay w/ the drag queen community. They all look stupid as f*ck

  • Matix B That's not BOSS

    FAAAQ!!!! FYI: Lace fronts are not BOSS, point blank they look retarded, and I never use that word but for real though. We can sooooo tell that your hairline is FAKE, you’re not fooling anyone. Stick to sewn in weaves, they look more natural and MOST I repeat MOST girls can pull off the look. If Beyonce, Kelly and Trina can’t pull off the lace front look, neither can you.

    • this is it

      Yeah I wore a lace front one time, never again!!!LOL I still laugh at myself for getting one.

  • Blacchyna

    I can’t stand these things.. Why do they exist?? It just looks like a glued on wig…

  • Educated Goon

    Lol that’s why I only date yellabones

    • http://bossip nex

      Goon please don’t act like you didn’t see AKeys up in there !

    • CeCe

      Yellow bones women wear them too goon face…..

    • Sunshine

      I wonder what has made him hate black women so much. I feel sorry for you for limiting yourself. Black woman whether light or dark are all beautiful and I hope when you grow up you realize that. You are not educated, you are just a goon.

    • Educated Goon

      Um, no I don’t hate being darkskin I love my color. I love my mother. I love my ethnicity. I don’t know where you got the impression that I praise “lightskin people”… I praise lightskin WOMEN… So get it right.

  • Shamika

    @Matix B That’s not BOSS, RIGHT ON!!! I cannot agree with you more. Well said!

  • meishalover

    And i see a gang of light skinned girls with these shit’s on too. We just need to accept our natural hair and stop trying to conform to the white man’s idea of beauty!

  • Hotmochagirl

    Lots of yella girls wear them. Only an idiot would think otherwise.

  • Angee

    Ladies wear your real hair. Whether you get a relaxer or wear it natural, it has to be better than this.

  • Imari

    I wear lacefronts on occasions however I do not have the money these broads have and it look waaaaaay better theirs!!!!

  • daisy jay

    THAT PICTURE OF MARY KILLED ME. lacefronts make me sick honestly. you don’t even have a real hairline. anybody could see that it’s fake. can you say EPIC FAIL?

  • rene

    I like Kelly’s hair short, why is she looking like Mary Poppins here? Looks awful. Trina don;t look so bad.

  • M3@9@N

    Chiiiil im glad i got my own hair cause ima tell u right now, i aint tryna wear dem shyts and get cracked on. Hell nah.


    It amazing in that those lace front wigs look not only terrible, but these celebrities who have hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions chose to put something on their heads that look so much like Dr ZIRA from planet of the apes, really think they look cute. Maybe in time they will be some improvement like most hair creations but not now. They look awful!!!

  • Ivan V

    @ sunshine. Couldnt have said it better myself. He is just a goon. Nothing educated about that one. Good statement.

  • sukanya

    Well for me i have no choice to wear weave because the simple fact that i am losing my hair due to medications and something near the cancer area so again everybody have reasons to why they wear weaves

    • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

      That’s what lacefronts were originally for. Theatrical use and for cancer and alopecia victims. NO ONE would look down on you for wearing one since that’s what it was designed for. I wish you a speedy recovery and may Yah bless you.

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