Hollyweird 2010 Halloween Costumes (Photo Gallery)

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  • WOWEE!!!

    Niecy Nash looks great, Is snookie a frog? Sheri Sheppard doesnt look too hot. Is she ill?

    • n_satiable

      Not sure about Snooki…I was kinda wondering if she was supposed to be Poison Ivy (from Batman, I think?)

    • meowkitty

      Snooki is a pickle queen or goddess or something. Her dress is pickle chips and the thing in her hand has a giant pickle on it. I only know this cause I saw it somewhere else..hahaha. weird.

  • micial

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  • herudagod

    hahha@ dewayne in white face!


      I was about to ask if Sammy Sosa was back on that bleach again.

  • gb

    I could only imagine the response if it was the other way around and it was Justin Timberlake “as Dwyane Wade”.

    • Rock W/ Me


  • buggin_out

    if blackface is disrespectful, then whiteface is too. BOI STOP!

  • kinge

    About D-Wades costume, They have been dressing up in blackface for years and still do on holloween so I see nothing wrong with D-wade doing it and if bothers a white person than imagine how we felt for years.

    p.s. you are suppose to feel with your hands anyway

  • !!!!!


  • jj

    It’s a number of reason why that Justin timberlake costume wasn’t offensive main one being he wasn’t making any point to stereotype or mock the entire white race…black face has history and if you knew the history you would know why blacks get tensed about black faces …..it never offends me as long as its in good taste this was a Halloween costume no disrespect intended same way models put on dark make up and call it high fashion today….
    Just had to clear that up for the idiots who wanna cry double standard

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    lmfao @ dwanye wade in white face.

    Black people should do this shyt more often since whites insist on using black face every halloween.

  • 7lady

    Well jj some white folks do do it to be racist. I feel it’s totally uncalled for. There are a million things to be on halloween and this is the one thing you choose…gtfoh.

  • anewme

    Niecy Nash looks really pretty in her costume.


  • meowkitty

    The problem is if we are going to be okay with ours doing the white face we can’t be mad when white people do the black face (as long as it’s in this context – not meant to be racist). We can’t use the excuse that white people used to do it –so now we can. It’s either okay or its not. That period of time is what we are trying to move past. Come on.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    I like the Street Fighter Blanka (sp) get-up

  • white male

    Is D-wade supposed to be MIchael Jackson?

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