BOSSIP Exclusive: Idris Elba’s Baby’s Mom Revealed…Details Including Her Occupation Inside!!

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desiree newberry idris elba baby mom girlfriend

Sources have exclusively revealed to BOSSIP that Idris Elba not only has a daughter with his ex-wife, but he also has a 6 month old son by Desiree Newberry, the young lady photographed above.

desiree newberry idris elba baby mom girlfriend

Desiree, better known as Desi or Dezi, met Idris while working as a stripper at the infamous Magic City in Atlanta. According to our source, Elba moved a pregnant Newberry to his place in Miami and took care of her for a while before deciding to kick her out. After her “short-lived” living situation with Idris, Desi was forced to go back to stripping to support her son and is currently working at King of Diamonds (KOD) in Miami.

More details to come, but in the meantime, check out images of Desi for your viewing pleasure below:


  • divalious

    if that was me, keep me out u better be givin me some type of support, if so then we cool lol.

  • JumpoFF

    See how so many are quick to play favoritism. Had it been someone else. Smh

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    Lets hope he dont jump on the white woman hay wagon!! if he does im too thru with him!!

  • Samantha

    Ildris Elba is divorced so the folks who’s talking about cheating get your facts straight before you start posting comments.

  • lala

    Kind of sad that after he knocks her up he throws her out. But shows what kind of woman she is, because instead of taking his butt to court for child support she goes back to working as a stripper when she doesn’t have to. Shows she wasn’t looking for a quick buck. But you gotta do what you gotta do. :(

  • Get Real

    This speaks volume for his mostly private azz. I remember a time when men (celebs or NOT) did bring trash round their family, friends or pets. A freak was somebody u meet at a discreet place & u did your business. Now these jiggas are wifing these tricks. They are moving them in. The game has changed and that is why brothas are constantly being set up to get jacked.

  • Get Real


  • nwabster

    Ja neh…. Idris, that’s not right mara yazi!!!

  • MistaO

    What wrong wit these dudes?

    Especially Idris. This brother sharp as a tack, and the best he can do is a busted stripper?

    Man I’m a eday joe and pull better tail than this broad. Man these dudes with all this paper and fame, something just “off” about how they carry if the broads I’m seeing them catch are the best they can do…


  • NBW

    Idris has been known to date regular chicks and has mentioned it in numerous interviews that he doesnt date actresses(he says they talk too much). Ive been hearing about this chick for a min now.

  • NBNY1

    I read an article and it said Idris is dating a chick over in Ireland and she is white!

  • Sweet ki ki

    Wow lol… I’m not gonna blast him on here but I believe that he would knock up a stripper and he definitely puts on a front. Not that much different than most dudes ladies. He just has an accent. But good for them as long as the baby is well taken care of that’s all that matters.

  • den2dden

    she did what she had 2 do 2 support herself and her son. also, i am glad she is black. sorry it did not work out—–maybe the problem is him. u can’t judge a book by the cover, although they both great looking people

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    Oh hell — I was really feelin’ her until I read the damn article.

    Another damn “stripper impregnated by celebrity” story.

    Why in the hell is that as soon as I see some broad that moves “my pole” I find out her a$$ just left THE pole?

    Can’t a brother see an appealing sista, without that image of wads of cash hanging from her thong???

    Oh well, just run another Kimmie K. story — I already know WHAT POLES that “b” has been working.

  • resurrected

    Crazy the type of women men are going for these days. To me a stripper always sounds like a very easy women to get where is the challenge?

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