Did The Mistress Get Married??? Nicki Minaj Is Rocking That Ring Like… Somebody Already Cuffed That!

Nicki Minaj Leaving Her All Pink Party

Nicki Minaj was photographed leaving Club Mansion in Miami last night where she had her all pink party. Something about this picture is a little off, but we can’t quite put our finger on it… but we’re pretty sure Nick’s bodyguard CAN!

Nicki Minaj leaving her All Pink Party at Mansion in Miami

Speaking of fingers… That’s quite the rock on Nicki’s left ring finger. Wonder if that’s just for decoration or if Nicki is keeping a BIG secret.

Here’s a better view:

NIcki Minaj diamond wedding band

We wouldn’t be surprised if she was secretly married, like Janet Jackson, and covering that ish up with all the fake flirting with Drake and fauxmosexual innuendo. SMH!

Nicki Tweets about Mansion

WENN/Pacific Coast News

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