Willow Smith Gets Diamond Encrusted Neck Brace From Ellen Degeneres [Video]

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Willow Smith appeared on the “Ellen Degeneres” show Monday to perform her hit single.

The 9-year-old Roc Nation signee sat down with the mid-day host to speak on her success and was surprised with a blinged out neck brace. Continue…


  • truth

    lmao, those are sequins.

    • Wujie

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  • S.a.s.s.y 24

    her performance was fantastic.

  • HeartBreak


    Whippin’ your hair back an forth will do that to you….

    • London Girl


  • Illy

    She sounded great! Go Willow!

  • hmmmm

    You better work willow!!!


    Sorry y’all, but I’m about sick of this funny looking azz kid. Damn, give us a break! !!

    • Orange County

      Bitter, party of one. Your table is ready. On a serious note though, the Smith family should know what has happened to every child star, i.e. they all go through an effed up period in life. I hope for that reason Will and Jada keep the family together.



    daaaaaaammmmmmmmn ms. rihanna!

    she came out singing YO song chick. and, better than you at that.


    you’ve been officially warned.
    willow’s goin’ for yo neck. :-)

  • thesaneone

    get it gurl!!

  • kay 10

    mommy what a rihanna????

  • !!!!!


  • Shananigans

    she looks just like the fish her dad was in shark tale

    • London Girl


      That was hella funny. She does. They are both cute! lol

  • Somali Ninga


    • ROZAAYcHick

      warya/Nayaa who ever u is… c’mon now she is a 9 years old. U should be shame on ur self for even mentioning that. Ceeb ceeb isku xishow

    • dee

      Somalidingbat: should u not be concern about ur barbaric people who just murdered those two young woman in Somalia for no good reason. Instead of tryn to jump on the Illumanati ish to fit in try fixin sh*t in ur own country like ur Al Shebad murdering innocent people. So illumanti, islamic infidels whats the diffrence.

  • Mrs. Rance

    This child really has me worried for Rihanna. Now they’re letting her sing the girl’s songs and errthang. She really is a good singer and she’s much more lively. She’s Jay’s insurance. Still they need to get that album out soon because this song is getting played out.

  • Entoon

    Her performance fantastic! She has a very good voice too! Strong solid voice to be so young! People need to stop worrying about how the Smiths raise THEIR children! Fallback and take care of your own kids!!!

  • Dria.B

    To be 9 years old, she has a Big voice and very powerful! She has real talent…

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