Amber Rose Struts It Up Around Miami In Her Leggings But… Is She Toting A Lil Somethin’ Extra In Her Belly???

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose was spotted in Miami getting Middle Eastern takeout with her homegirl and her new puppy Frankie. She’s still sporting her blond baldie and leggings but something about the beast is looking a lil different and we think we know what it is… Her belly! That stomach of hers has always been flat but it’s looking a little round in some of these shots.

Amber Rose in Miami

We remember hearing something a couple weeks back about her being knocked up by Fabolous, but after we saw her chainsmoking Newports in Paris we didn’t think it was true.

This isn’t the first time folks have thought Amber might be holding a gut full… Maybe she’s just bloated???



  • badchicatl

    The bald headed b**** might just be bloated!

    • Mrs. Rance

      That’s what I was thinking. Its nothing some good Spanx won’t smooth out.

  • hooker


  • islandproductionz

    thats how she looks without make up?

  • deelucious


    She just looks like she’s put on a lil’ weight. No biggie. She’s human.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    That body is her money maker, I doubt she’s preggers… Unless she has a “keep a ninja” bun in the oven.

  • gigi

    Amber is super HOT!

  • Trisha

    I’m not gay, but Amber does something to me LMAO

    • Bahama Mama

      lol I agree


    she might really be pregnant with Fab baby, either that are she need to take laxative.

  • Bri

    Maybe that’s why Kanye was cussin her out so hard on “Deuces Remix.” He did seem a little too angry, lol.






  • nicole1221

    yea she might just be a lil bloated…trisha i agree she does sumthing to me too lol her and nicki

  • texas-rose

    i dont know but i like her kicks..i wonder if those are jay’s or kanye louis shoes?

  • Matix B

    Smoke and mirrors, seeeeeeeeeeee what people really look like without the hoopla and glam teams!!! Average at best!


    she is probably on her monthly duh!?!

  • Jocasta

    She looks a little bloated that’s all! Nothing more.

  • mo

    These rappers have no standards at all. Who would want their child to have her as a mother? They need to learn about condoms and abstinence. Just utterly ridiculous!!! A sad state of affairs!!!

    • ugh

      how do YOU know what kind of mother she would be?
      because she’s an ex-stripper? that immediately makes her a bad mother?

      lol, some of you broads kill me, judging each other when you know you, yourself, ain’t sh*t.

  • p

    That is a small baby bump.

    • daisy jay

      there’s now way she’s THAT bloated. NOBODY gets THAT bloated. if she was, then there would be more pictures like this. as much as we see her, we should’ve seen her bloated about a billion times. there’s a baby in there, i know it

  • Bubba

    She just putting on weight she was never a skinny girl in the first place. I don’t see a bump I see a fat stomach from eating too much.

  • just saying

    she’s a burger away from being obese

  • E.C. from D.C.

    She lookin’ a lil’ preg not fat….nothing to do with the angle the pics were taken either…but with all speculation we’ll know in 8 months lol.

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  • badchicatl


  • Matix B

    You got me with “Alien Nation” where the dudes used to give birth….LMBAO thanks for the jokes hun!

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