Mimi Runs Her Mouth Some More About Mothering Her Little Lamb

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Mariah Carey on Lopez tonight

“Hippo in heels” Mariah Carey sat down with everyone’s favorite Latino George Lopez last night for some baby talk. Well, really it was an interview about shoes, but the baby was slightly involved.

Apparently Mim’s Goof Troop hubby recently purchased tons of flat shoes for Mariah’s safety.

“Nick got me all these flat shoes…he’s really trying to be responsible about it and I understand that. He came home, he had all these bags and I’m like ‘Aww that was really sweet’ and I’m looking at them trying to be nice about it because I’m a little specific about my stuff…I’m looking at them and they’re really cute but every one of them had that thing…like a regular flip flop and that just doesn’t work, my feet repel that…”

Mimi passed on the flats for her Lopez appearance, rockin’ her own design (which sell on HSN) instead.

“Honestly I need to do the flats thing and today, Nick’s gonna be mad at me because I have these on but they’re comfortable.”

“I need to learn how to wear them though. Ever since I was little, I would walk on my tippy toes and I didn’t know why. That’s just the way my feet are.”

There you have it — Mimi has been an aspiring hoochie basically from birth. We really hope this kid is a boy!

Mariah also shared about how being knocked up has helped knock her out at night.

“First I just fall asleep, which is not normal for me…and then I just have a really good sleep and then I wake up because Nick has to get up and do his radio show at like 1:30am every day…I’d rather he did do it from the room…

Thanks for drawing us that mental picture. You can watch her on Lopez Tonight below:

Mimi’s performance!

We’re happy for Mariah and everything but all this gabbing about shoes and sleeping habits is not exactly our idea of an exciting time.

Lopez isn’t the only one in on the gabfest either. Mimi also recently interviewed with US Weekly.

Carey denies using IVF (in vitro fertilization) as rumored, but tells Us Weekly she began taking progesterone, a hormone that is often prescribed to boost fertility and support or help maintain pregnancy in women susceptible to miscarriage.

Goof Troop Cannon was also in on the interview telling Us Weekly his wife relied on

“once-a-day” acupuncture, “all over her body. I think it helped her quite a bit, because it was a good destressor.”

Seeing Carey’s face when they learned she was pregnant “was priceless,” Cannon recalls. “We definitely cried. We still cry all the time. It’s an emotional journey.”

With their baby due in spring, Carey says it still “amazes” her she’s going to have Cannon’s child. “He’s a great person, and we have more in common than not,” she tells Us Weekly.

“I know people initially were, ‘What? Those two?’ But I think people who know us get it.”

No worries guys, we totally get it. You corny kids deserve each other! Congrats on the bebe. Feel free to share more stories of reaching gut full status anytime. We will be right here *yawn* for you!



  • Hannibal


  • PSunny

    at least shes talking about it now, i was fed up with all the is she/isnt she bs

  • Marshay

    Love Nick Cannon but Mariiah’s a little faake but God bless them an d their child.I don’t love her singing either

  • SJ

    Mariah looks cute! I’m soooo happy for her and Nick.

  • nana

    She deserves a lil happiness after blessing me with years of wonderful music.. Let’s support her yall, that’s the least we can do for gettin us through our relationships with her voice

  • Nikki88

    running her mouth? really?
    i’ll never understand why i keep coming back to this site.
    just let the girl be happy.



    • Hannibal


  • Mabel

    One thing I know for sure is that her child will be spoiled rotten. I hope Nick is the type to put his foot down and set boundaries, because Mariah is going to give that kid everything they ask for.

  • nicole1221

    congrats Mimi and Nick

  • Amy

    am so happy for mariah and Nick. Congratulations. They are two happy couple. God bless their marriage

  • Racheal

    Congrate to u and nick God bless u guys

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  • OMG

    Leave her alone and let she brag thats her first child. Leave her alone leave her alone.

  • mo

    I am happy for them. It is great to be a parent, children teach you so much, they are a gift from the Goddess!!!

  • Megawatt

    I hope her baby is born with 2 heads and Mariah dies while giving birth.

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