What Exactly Do They Do Again? 10 Celebrities Famous For No Reason

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Kim Kardashian and Antoine Dodson

Some celebrities are known for their musical and athletic talent; others for their intellect, skill, or trade.

Then there are a select few who seem to leave us scratching our heads and asking,
What exactly do they do again???

Here are 10 celebrities seemingly famous for no reason… Read more at Hip Hop Wired


  • aintnothinbutafake

    kim has s*x on tape and constantly takes off her clothes. that’s all she is known for. oh – and also for being a plastic face, fake airhead.

    • DollBaby1o1

      Yeah, I always liked Kim because she’s sweet, but she used to get on my f-uckin nerves trying to be what others wanted too much (not bein herself).

      But after she got the surgery, it took the little something that I liked away!! It’s like she’s completely void now.

  • http://singleanfabulos.com chandra

    Now that just goes to show, you really dont need talent to work in hollywood. singleanfabulous.com

  • J

    Let me get this right…

    A BLOG/Gosip site…wonderin ‘why r these people famous’?!?!?!?

    Yall d* ride for a livin!

    If it wasnt for these people yall would still b workin at Forever 21 and Aldo


  • M3@9@N

    Teyona dnt do nuhin. She a twitter character to me. Maybe they pay her cause idk anybody else that does. Oh and she on fiber pills heavy.

  • herudagod

    Y’all forgot jersey shore,octomom,bristol palin,kate pluse 8,and many more.

  • SouthernGal

    lmao, whether he knows it or not Antoine is not famous, but i guess he is getting more paper than before. He is basically being made fun of and doesn’t know it just like that retarded dude from American Idol a few years ago, “she bangs, she bangs”….roflmao…..get a life people

  • GorgeousBeTheName

    You forgot Toya Carter and Kat stacks.

  • Psunny

    Well I’m glad Antoine is famous. He helped his sis and he deserves to be recognized for it! As for the others I really don’t give a fock.


    and dumb-a$$ Americans glamorize this foolishness and are dummed-down as a result of it

  • the truth is.....

    half of the skanks like kim, paris,teyana, and nicole, were born into money. The other goldiggers and sorry a^sses were just plain desparate.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    For those that are the kids of famous people no one cares what they are famous for because for most people the don’t need a reason OTHER THAN their dad or mom being fill in the blank …. they will get talked about because their dad or mom is fill in the blank whether they sing or dance or act or not *yawns*

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