How Will Reviews of ‘For Colored Girls’ Impact The Box Office?

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How will “For Colored Girls” fair upon its release this weekend? Interestingly enough, Tyler Perry, the filmmaker that everyone loves to hate, is getting mixed reviews from unexpected places. For the first time in Tyler Perry history, his film has been been branded a “critic’s pick” in the New York Times. One of The Times‘ toughest critics, Manohla Dargis,  gave the film a favorable review. The fact that the Times even considered the film for a proper review is a departure, for they have often relegated Tyler Perry’s films to 300 word summaries done by contributing reviewers.

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  • http://Bella Moment of Truth

    You already have White Chicks, what more to you want?

  • David

    Not a positive film for our young black men. We are not a race of killers of our own childrens

    • Bopa

      Maybe young black men should see it so they know what not to be.

  • David

    Not a positive film for our young black men. We are not a race of killers of our own children

  • HaterAllDay

    The depiction of Black men was very bad, and The Times’ review has no signicficane when it comes to Black films. What do thy know, or understand for that matter?

  • HaterAllDay


  • pat

    Do ur research. The film is already a major success at the box office according to early receipts

  • deelucious

    I’ve only seen one of his films. I was unimpressed. It was an unrealistic, overly religious, Black man bashing fairy tale.
    And I’m a Black female saying this so that’s when you know lol

    But I’ll give this film a chance.

  • hmm_BAPS

    I’ll wait for the dvd, maybe …

  • selli

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  • laghingEyes

    as in only those two cities! its unbelievable…not.

  • EnvyMe_u do_

    Tyler Should have stayed WITH the COLORS of the rainbow. The audience who had never heard of the poet would have provoked THINKING. The title FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW WAS ENUF. THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW.. EACH character a color an emotion a color of the rainbow.

    • EnvyMe_u do_

      Cant have a rainbow without rain. The lady in red yellow purple etc. Colored girls not the color of skin but the Rainbow

  • @D_K_C

    whatching it tonight ..tweeting about it later…

  • VanGogh

    theatre not ‘thetre’

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