Rih Rih Lets A Little More ‘Loud’ Fly Early, Gets Extra Freaky On New Single. Matty Poo Gets Used To Playing The Back

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Rihanna new album loud

Rih Rih‘s latest single and alternate artwork from “Loud” hit the web yesterday. And if all this “whips and chains excite me” talk on her new song “S&M” is real talk, we finally understand why Matty Poo is so comfortable playing the back.

The song is pretty consistent with the sound she’s been putting out there so far: pretty urban-free.

Over the weekend, Rihanna was spotted showing off her fresh face Euro-steez while checking out of her Madrid hotel and heading back to the states. We’re glad she finally found a stylist to make that Ronald McDonald hair work for her.

But notice how we’re seeing less and less of Matty in the actual pictures? Good thing he has nothing better to do than follow her around like she’s the only girl in the world.

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  • shay

    i like this!!!!

  • Starr B*tch

    Ummmm…..I like her eyebrows?🙂

  • katina hope

    I like I like it I love it.Very different. Not boaring.

  • haha

    Xedos ,, You retarded b*tch .. Ctfu means Cracking Thee F*ck Up . You check your library ho . Purple Love gave you a compliment .
    I love this song . Go Rihanna !

  • purple love

    @ xedos ctfu means crackin the f*ck up iguess that can be qualified as ebonics but you sound even dumber for commenting on things you clearly know nothing about ctfu again

    • BitchPleaseLook

      Yessssss! Read dat dumb beech

  • plunt2

    terrible overrated

  • purple love

    O and @xedos sweetie I think you meant the word shut DOESN’T start with a “c” you’re actually a little more fluent in ebonics than I am and yes @haha it was a compliment I LOVE this song

  • jayluv

    Well she is telling some people to mind their business because she loves who she is and she ain’t changing.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    LOOOVE this chick & this album,so far sounds like it’ll be as good or better than GGGB❤..Can't wait!🙂

  • juliemango

    RiH looks vstylish love d hat with d red hair!!!

  • Real recognize Real

    I see the lames are supporting lame music as usual. Bwahahaha Continue to be force fed with these puppets while I reach into my arsenal of REAL MUSIC because I got it like that.

  • nikki88

    the label hyped this album way too much. sayin it would be on par with Thriller. *shakes head* this album sounds like shit. the sad thing is, it’ll probably have decent album sales.

  • http://youtube.com/watch?v=Scr45_TaquQ Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Oh na na, what’s my name…

    Oh na na, what’s my name…

    • Uhhhh yeah ok

      Guilty.. Love it..

  • truth

    song sux

  • Ice Harvest

    @Xedos and Purple Love: you guys are hysterical!!😉

  • Beautiful Mic

    She needs to rub some shea butter on her hands.

  • GEGE

    I LOVE IT!

  • borrowadolla

    In that one pic she looks like Ronald McDonald after a coke party wit souljaboy and kat stacks. Follow me @borrowadolla

    • kit_kit_kittykat

      lmfao hilarious…she does haha

  • Rebel

    I like this track…………..why ya’ll hating. If Beyonce sang this very same track ya’ll would be all over it. Once again its all about the package not the music……..certainly explains the Minaj chick.

    • nikki88

      no matter who sings this song, its horrible.
      but rihanna just makes it sound worse. period.

  • Lawd da Mercy

    I think that’s the song she performed on SNL. Love it. I like her West Indie flair. She wears her clothes so well.

  • carebear


  • SMH

    Can she PLEASE get rid of that red wig/hair now?! That was the worst possible look she (or whoever) could have come up with…

  • thesaneone

    remember RES? this sounds similar to her style..

  • Terri

    If parents are buying an album with a song called S&M that’s their issue, not Rihanna’s. Rihanna’s a grown woman not a little girl. Little girls are not her core audience either.

  • Barry

    European disco. And it’s dated.

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