Looks Like Upscale Magazine Airbrushed The Sh*t Outta These Vivica Fox Pics….

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Vivica Fox Upscale Magazine Hi-Res Photos

Nothing wrong with a little airbrushing and photoshopping, and they sure hooked these images of Vivica Fox in her spread for Upscale Magazine with both. We can’t knock good ole Viv though, she’s looking pretty darn good in these pics.

Vivica Fox Upscale Magazine Hi-Res Photos

Peep more below:


  • Only the strong will continue

    shes looking good! aunt viv do ur thing gurl!

  • Lady A

    Yall are haters! I saw her in person a couple of weeks ago and she is absolutely beautiful! She was here in Kansas City doing a play and they did a meet and greet after it was over. Yall gossip sites buy the worst pics to put up! However these pics are stunning!


    She’s one of the most annoying women in show biz. That’s unfortunate because when she was on ‘Open All Night,’ I thought she was kinda hot.

  • nywoman23...killuminati

    site , have ur stupid site. its not that great its not even good

  • Juicy Girl

    Anytime your kneecaps are photoshopped off, that is a clue that you have been photoshopped WAY TOO MUCH!

    • salakatae

      That is the same thing I was looking at. NO kneecaps?

  • Marquis de Sade

    They ain’t got no choice but to airbrush this walkin’ breathin’ HOOD FLAW. :lol:

  • thetroot

    They airbrush everyone esle in Hollywood so why should Vivica be treated any differently?

  • Cali D..

    Love the shoe-boots!!!!!!

  • !!!!!


  • prissa

    I’m sorry but she looks like Lil Kim. She should have been on the non acting actress list. Her best role was in Set it Off. What happened Auntie Viv???

  • prissa

    LOL @ Juicy Girl. I didn’t notice that till your comment!! LOLOLOL!

  • @D_K_C

    u can’t even see where her knees start n end….AIRBRUSHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Lol

    singing to myself” haters haaters haters haaters”

  • Mrs. Rance

    Looks like regular ole knifed up Viv to me. My question is why is she doing that thing with her knifed up mouth in every pic.

  • xclusive

    Thank god for airbrush….her lips look like 2 busted sausages…lol

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