Dirty Dog Diaries: Tiki Barber Flossin’ His Lil Blonde Floozy At Kids For Kids Family Carnival Instead Of His Own Children!

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Tiki Barber and Traci Lynn Johnson attend the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation - Kids For Kids Family Carnival 2010 at Skylight SOHO

This guy really has some nerve!!!! Tiki “I left my pregnant wife for this young ho” Barber was out sportin’ his lil snowbunny tenderoni this weekend:

Tiki Barber didn’t bring his children to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Founation’s Kids for Kids Carnival at Skylight SoHo on Saturday. He brought 23-year-old girlfriend Traci Lynn Johnson. In fact, Barber’s kids were deemed off-limits by the couple’s handler and when we asked Traci the last activity that she, Tiki and his sons had undertaken together, the rep stopped our chat, though she did tell us the two will work together on the Pepsi Grant Challenge for the Opportunity League – a sports program for kids with disabilities.




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    • Hannibal


    • J-SMOOTH



      LOL @ Hannibal replying to the SPAM. But I know, right? Tiki even have the good sense to use his swag and corral himself a higher grade Becky. (That p*ssy looks sweeet.) Tiger, are you listening?

    • lala

      R u serious? No stress no drama? R u slow, you callin losin half your money and getting fired from a high paying job no stress? Yea fellas if you wanna lose everything that you ever owned, get with a white woman. You ever heard the saying it’s cheaper to keep her? When will you fellas learn it doesn’t pay to cheat? Idiot.

  • super goon one


    • LaDiva

      Hey super. How’s it going.

  • LaDiva

    This guy is a piece of work…Smh I would love to be a fly on the wall when his kids start asking him question about his trifling ways…

    • LaDiva

      Hey rose… Gm to u too.
      Lol my coworker busted me as I dosed off at my desk.. Didn’t realize i was that tired…
      My company is also tracking us too – which is why I don’t come here too often.. If I don’t see u around later today, enjoy the rest of your day.

  • *she rocks*

    don’t even have words for this… poor kids, hope they grow up and accept that their father is just not into them…

  • jayluv

    Maybe his ex wife doesn’t want their children around her for now…well, she is young and so he thought it was appropriate to bring her instead…

  • Uhhhhh yeah ok

    Hey Tiki.. you big dummy..

  • d d

    oh so cruel @ annoyed!! LOL

  • Matix B

    EWWW I can tell the self hating mofo’s a mile away. Just look at his face, you can tell he doesn’t give a what about Ginny and his sons. Bobble headed mofo.

  • if anything be noble

    Would yall let the man have his midlife crisis and be trifling in peace? Good grief.

    • 100milesperhour

      I can do that, because when he crashes & burns it’s gonna be a long, rough ride!

  • Sunshine 777

    If it were any other being I too would be annyoed with annoyed! Buttt the buzzard loser is a low-life dog.

  • for real

    I know what the have in common. they both have big a** heads!

    • joyrptr

      LMFAO! Was thinking the same thing! I hope they don’t have any kids, that will be one bobble-headed baby!

  • I'm in LOVE!!!

    I gotta admit – he did UPGRADE!!!

  • I love love an Asian Man

    That’s why I married an Asian man … they take pride in being a family man. Black men these days aren’t breed like my father – who is an old school family man!!!

    • Jinx

      Oh is that right ASIAN MAN


      Get the fucc on somewhere lol

    • maru-chan

      Sheeeeit, ya’ll better get with it! My dude is Korean and I’ve NEVER been licked better.

      Step to my Korean brothas like ‘An young ha sae yo’ and see if you don’t get turned out. Fug around and have babies running around lookin’ like Judith Hill, Amerie and Tyson Beckford [all of which are part Asian, you better recognize!].

      Yeah and I f*cks with the Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Malaysians too.

      Watashi wa nihongo ga wakarimasu baby, mada mada desu and I need practice so holla at ya girl ^.^

  • Only the strong will continue

    ya I cannot even think of anything positive to say here…lol

  • huyr

    Snowbunny is fine as hell! To hell with all yall! You know Tiki is ballz deep in that 3-4 times a day. When she starts to lose her looks then its time to feel guilty. Until then, just make sure you dont run out of Viagra Tiki!

  • super goon one

    Morning LaDiva!!!

    How are you?

  • MzFitt

    Nothing positive to say either…

  • miles davis

    This is one stupid dude, who thinks he’s handsome.

  • Caramel Cat™

    Wow, I didn’t realize how short his arms are…he’s a short meat-headed low-lifed dog…wow…

    And this chick really thinks she snagged something…smh…

  • Matix B

    I love it when I see women like that, any self respecting women can tell he’s a faqing DOG! She’s all smiley faced and shyt acting like he’s some type of prize. Dumb bytch will be crying soon, just wait until he breeds this one and leaves her too. POOR GINNY!

    • J Meekins

      According to Tiki, the relationship was over well before the public knew about it.

      That being the case, why does his ex not get any blame? It take two to make a relationship work.

    • Matix B

      Blame for what?? What did Ginny do to deserve that kind of treatment?

  • http://grind365.com Al

    I have to say they look good together!

  • Matix B

    I don’t have a problem with interracial couples, as I’m a product of one. I have a problem with married men thinking it’s OK to leave their wife high and dry while they are pregnant Gestation in humans is only 10 months, so they relationship was OK enough to FAQ her 10 months before the split! Just admit that you love white girls and will stick up for anyone who puts them above another races.

  • Matix B


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    @MatixB: I hear what you saying but the comments that come from certain folks on here regarding certain headlines are rather questionable..just saying
    Too much double standards & hypocrisy! Just calling it like I see it.
    Bottom line if Tiki’s new main squeeze were black,people would’ve forgotten or never have given a fluck about this to begin with..FACT!

    • maru-chan

      No, if she was black we’d REALLY be looking at her like “WTF? Didn’t your mama teach you better? Have you never seen Jerry?”

      We expect this from becky and Tiki is a dog so its really a match made in heaven.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Anyways,back to your schedule programming LOL

    • JANE DOE


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