Lil Willow Smith Stuntin’ Like Her Mama At LAX With Matching Footwear And Errythang!

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Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith was spotted accompanying her retirement plan daughter Willow Smith at LAX yesterday. Check out shots of their matching stompers below:

Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Are you feeling their red booties???


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  • Hannibal


    • awesome-o

      who goes to school on sunday?

    • Hannibal


    • Emma

      Have you ever thought that perhaps she is homeschooled or has tutors? Who the hell sends their kid to public school when they have money and a choice?

    • Hannibal


    • foolishhanibal

      well the entire family is talented..Jada,Willow very..jaden even more talented..

    • Machelle

      She’s not in school because her parents are IDIOTS!

    • mcleod10

      @awesome-o that was hillarious!!!!!

    • Annie

      Thank you for stating the truth . . . . . Will is SO talented and without him and his name, the rest of the Smiths would be nowhere. And for someone with so little talent, Jada sure thinks highly of herself. And now, she’s got a mini-me!

    • williefonte

      @ Anna…….. You must be Hanni’DUMB’ sister or something! Geeeeeeez, where do they grow u people at? What do u mean by ‘Will is SO talented and without him and his name, the rest of the Smiths would be nowhere. And for someone with so little talent, Jada sure thinks highly of herself. And now, she’s got a mini-me!…. You ‘JEALOUS AZZ HATING B!TCH! Thats his FU(KING WIFE & KIDS you DUMB FU(K!!!…… smmfh

    • igotswag

      she got to be home school i just say before somebody smart a$$ try to say somethin

    • Jwa

      Stop hatin’ on her, she just a child you dummmy! She’s be home schooled, I’m sur her mom knows what she’s doing.

      They whole family is talented!

    • pj

      you are a hater,who really will hate on a nine year old

  • Jerzeegurl

    Retirement plan?!?! Ummm you do know that’s Jada Pinkett Smith right? SMH @ the retarded idiot who wrote that.

  • MacMoon

    I love to see a strong black family.

    • jenn

      Strong Black family, Yeah right. Strong OPEN marraige does not count for a strong family. Anyone can mantain a family if you allow your spouse to wander around.

    • Jayonce

      Lady Wake-up, They are scientology, swingers and their kids are going to be wierd! Throw the Roc in the mix and HELL is literally going to break loose. It’s a set up!

      Wake up Sheep….

    • AQueenWaits

      What U talking bout MacMoon? They believe in Swinging, Scientology, and who knows what else. Don’t get me wrong they have a cute looking family………but that’s about it. Money helps….but it doesn’t mean that you have it together. Look at the other blaque stars like Denzel, Samuel L. Jackson, etc.; who do actually have strong families. Grant it, they are not without their problems but………well, I think you get where I’m going with this.

  • Princess

    people can be so stupid that’s a little girl you don’t no what time of the day it was when this pic was taking you don’t even no if it the weekend it’s ridiculous how people make something small into something big Hannibal grow up Jada Will and there kids are very talented stop hating on people already…. You can become famous just do what works best for you…. STOP HATING…..Willow do your thing mama you got my support

  • Who gone check me Boo


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    She got that Jada swag right now LOL..ok…

  • Yaser Lad

    Jada is the hottest Mom alive. Hands Down! Will got it good Yo!

  • divalious

    love the boots, she is definely like her mama.

  • leah

    For the idiot thats asking why she’s not in school, why arent you at work, why dont dont you have a job? FYI, she is home schooled, she has a tutor

    • Hannibal


    • leah

      so i guess your name is idiot. And no u didnt, just thought i would enlighten your ignorance

    • Hannibal


  • champhf

    she is a child and should not be called out of her name… i am a black male and i am offended by these deadbeats who call her names… she has a strong family and its only right her mother takes her instead of a care taker. her mother is activly involved in her life…!!!

  • peeve

    Just a general pet peeve, but I hate when people say “matching” or “just like,” when they mean same color or shape. I’m expecting them to have the same thing on and they just both have on red boots….wow! I have red boots too, but that’s doesn’t make them the same. It makes them red and boots.

    • YUP YUP

      LOL exactly ,,

  • disndat

    I love the fact that Jada is so close to her daughter. You know sometimes women in the industry can be so competitve, even against their own children (subconciously). I can tell that Her mom is gonna protect her from this craaaaazy business and allow her to shine at the same time.

  • keep it real

    they are the cutest mom and daughter team. I can tell that they are very close and have alot of fune together.

  • zannia

    Wow who boo’s a nine year old. At the end of the day she’s a child and she is not the first child in show business and she won’t be the last. So what if she isn’t in school at the moment. And why say she will never be rihinna she’s nine rih rih is in her 20’s and isn’t the best person a child should aspire to be. And that whole family has talent and seem to really be grounded Boo to you

  • katina hope

    Willow my darling, love ya.I want you to stay more focused on schooling than fame, so you can understand the game. Your first name will hold up just as well as your last name. The more interested you are in your schooling the more you’ll have something to write about for your song ideas. Keep up the good work.

    • Hannibal


    • williefonte

      WTF are u talking about! You are on here like her parents are NOT EDUCATED or that they are DUMB AZZES & not giving their children education. Why don’t u MORONS take a look at their other children……ie, Trey & Jaden!……..smfh

    • idyll

      yeah but how about this: maybe she can actually do both. how do you know she is NOT focused on school? Instead of knocking her down, why arent people being supportive? lets just see where this goes…..she MIGHT actually pursue singing and realize its not what she wants to do. HELL, shes NINE! some people on here probably dont even know what they want to do in their lives and they are in their 20s,30s,etc. Let the girl live her life and make her mistakes. Hopefully Jada and Will keep her straight.

  • JLH

    I’m not trying to be mean, but damn that girl looks like an Avatar! The hair makes it even worse.

    • Lawd da Mercy

      That is a child…smh at you😦

  • RMEs

    I’m sorry but Willow looks like a mini Prince to me (espec in 2nd pic). I know she a child but just callin it like I see it. BTW, has anyone heard her sing live yet? I mean REALLY live.

    • TruthBeTold

      Yea on Ellen D. Show

  • STAR

    And for those of you that expect her to be in school, she has a new job, it is to influence your children in a negative way and it will happen. She is not feminine, nor will she ever be, so when your girls start acting like a make, and grown, know where they got it from and see how much you like Willow Smith then. The Smiths are doing what they are told to do by the Satanic industry that pays them. The children are the pawns to be used. You will see…..

  • STAR

    Acting like a male, sorry for the typo above.

  • Melissa Lee

    What makes people think she’s not in school or being schooled? NO SCHOOLING is illegal. Both parents would be in jail if there was absolutely no schooling. On another note, I absolutely hate the way they both dress. It’s not trendy or stylish, it’s just some pieces thrown together to try to look different. They are both bamas.

    • Miami Chick

      Because Willow actually admitted it on her Ryan Seacrest interview. She said she goes to homeschool and wishes she could go more and that she’s so busy working on her music career that she can barely study with the tutor.

      The Smiths actually own a homeschool academy, there is no excuse for them to not actively have her studying academics.

  • if anything be noble

    Ok… well… if this child doesn’t need to be in school, can I please see her with a book? Oh nobody reads books? How bout carrying a Kindle? Or can I see her with a musical instrument? Or how bout a microscope? Ok how bout seeing her kicking a soccer ball? Does she hoop? “Life” for a 10 year old does NOT mean cavorting throughout the entertainment industry and “flossing.” Ugh @ the priorities. Once developmental seasons and stages are gone, they are gone. Child’s gonna look pretty silly climbing trees at 26 trying to make up for lost tween years.

  • It is what it is..........

    They in school trust me…

  • will?isthatyou

    “They in school trust me…”

  • maria

    YES I am felling the boots. there hot, and the both look beautiful. enjoy willows style

  • if anything be noble

    Seriously. What kind of “style” should a 10 year old have. Am I missing something? At 10, your WHOLE job should be to tell corny jokes, learn social studies, stop losing things and ride your bike. Style is not in your 10 year old job description. “Style” = self conscious. 10 should = weeeeeee I’m Freeeeeeeeee.

    • Jwa

      Style doesn’t have age limits, Willow is very creative like her mom.

      She still a child and she has plenty of time to play, she loves her job.

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