Lil Babyface Has Arrived

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Babyface and his boo, Nikki Pantenburg, had a little girl. Here’s the happy family strolling around in Beverly Hills recently with the new baby.  We know Tracey Edmonds is somewhere hating.  Congrats to them…

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  • Just Sit and Be Pretty


  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Product of The Swirl and AINT mad about it)

    When will I see you again?

  • Nue2This


  • Al-Anon

    Tracy Edmonds ain’t thinking about them! She done moved on and up.

  • yanib

    Is this his first?

  • Candy Barr

    Why would Tracy be bothered that Baby Face was stupid enough to knock up some chick at his age? It wasn’t as if the two had been dating for years. The chick was “lucky” enough to get knocked up so she now doesn’t have to worry about working for at least the next 18 years. I don’t know why someone who is already raising a couple of teens would want to be bothered starting over again at 50.

  • Lacombe Redbone

    She looks extremely young!…almost illegal in a sense!

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Product of The Swirl and AINT mad about it)

    When can my heart beat again

  • azdelish

    who cares he was stupid enough not to protect his wallet. she has done what all young women with no other talent and skills do….

  • mzsweetface

    The baby mama looks like a bootleg version of Tracey. Well since he doesn’t do music as much anymore this will probably be the last ‘video girl’ he hooks up with.

  • Princess Aoki Lee aka BDR

    Tracey Edmunds is LAUGHING her ass off!

    Please, Babyface made her a wife and she did not have to be a girlfriend then Baby Momma for years before he did it. Babyface put Tracey in the number one spot in his heart, in his will and in his business and even went on Oprah to say that Tracey ended the marriage and he was devasted and still LOVED her with all his heart.

    Nicole was dumb enough to be a baby momma to a man that hasn’t even put a ring on her finger.

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Product of The Swirl and AINT mad about it)

    ….and when can I breathe once again

  • My blood pressure is 200

    Babyface’s are not cool. Only when you’re 90….

  • My blood pressure is 200

    When can my heart beat again

    When does the pain ever end

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Product of The Swirl and AINT mad about it)


    BUT…this is for the cool in YOU….

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