Keyshia Cole And Her Boo Boo Boobie Bunned Up On The Set Of Her New Video

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Keyshia Cole and Daniel Boobie Gibson

Yesterday we posted behind the scene shots of Keyshia Cole and Onika Maraj’s new video “I Ain’t Thru”, and here are a few more photos of Keyshia with her hubby-baller-baby-daddy Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

They make a cute couple, and look like they’re really in love.


  • jayluv

    I do love me some Black on Black love. I am so happy that she found someone who her first.

    • jayluv

      *who put her first*

  • anyways!!

    anyways. future has been. raise your kids.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    he kind of resembles rich boy (throw some d’s…) and the kid from “losing isaiah”

  • lakerluv


  • tb (The Rent Too Damn High!!!)

    I hope they don’t have any more kids together because the baby looks like Hewey and Dewey’s little brother Louie.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, call me a hater or mean…I don’t give a dam. You know that baby looks touched.

    • Lawd da Mercy

      I’d love to see you or your babies pictures…there is nothing wrong with her baby.

  • It's Me

    that is prolly sum good ghetto coochie too.

  • Zulu Princess

    Daaaaaaaaaaang BOOBIE is foooooine :D

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    That doesn’t even look like her to me…But I love me some Keysha Cole and if she’s happy, I’m happy…

    Jeezy blew it…(no pun intended)

    (LOL, at a poster above) Ur right, he does look like a taller Rich Boy Throw some D’s on It…lol..)

  • !!!!!


  • Fan of the BE-BE Store

    Yeah she is sprung, and also I think personally she just want to be in a relationship and have a family. Something she never saw growing up.

    • PG-13

      “Fan of the BE-BE store”??? Is that the clothing line Bebe…or BE-BE as in the buckshots on the back of yo neck???

  • Please stop

    This dude is mad young…he will be on to the next one in a year.

  • http://WHAT Tasha

    keyshia cole is so cute, her and boobie make a wonderul, beutiful couple. Handsome baby boy. Keyshia Cole did her thang and lost all that baby weight she looks amazing. Boobie keep your arms around her very close. She is 100% real

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Her foster mother prayed for her to have a husband and kids. God answers prayers. I love Keysh…best wishes.

  • nicole1221

    that man is fine!!!!!!!

  • YokoDMV

    she look SPRUNG *do people still use that term?? lol* well whatever the 2011 term for PRESSED-ON-A-NICCA-NUTZACK is – keyshia that. lol.

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